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"For the old school barber shop experience at modern prices, come to Herr Kutz. Whether you're looking for just a little off the top or an entirely new look, Herr Kutz has you covered. Cornrows, lineups, ironic mullets, non-ironic mullets, and more"
―GTA V Manual

Herr Kutz Barber is a chain of barber shops featured in Grand Theft Auto V. They have branches in Davis and on Mirror Park Boulevard in Mirror Park, in Los Santos, and Paleto Bay. They run a promotion, if you "stalk" them on Lifeinvader, your first hair cut is for free.



  • Fade- $25
  • Triple Rails- $28
  • Wavy Siderows- $30
  • Snakes- $28
  • Tramlines- $25
  • Star Kuts- $35
  • Shutters- $38
  • Berms- $40
  • Mellowplex- $45
  • The Feud- $50
  • Low Fro- $95
  • Blowout- FREE (Rockstar Social Club Exclusive)
  • Corn Rows- $150
  • Shape-up - $20


  • Clean Shave- $20
  • Full Van Dyke- FREE (Rockstar Social Club Exclusive)
  • Full Spartan- $65
  • Stubble- $30



  • Lexington- $40
  • The Wood- FREE (Rockstar Social Club Exclusive)
  • Clippered Cut- $50
  • Grown Out- $60


  • Clean Shave- $20
  • Long Stubbled- $30
  • Full Beard- FREE (Rockstar Social Club Exclusive)



  • Trailer Cut- $20
  • Randal- FREE (Rockstar Social Club Exclusive)
  • Grown Out- $30
  • Mullet- $60


  • Clean Shave- $20
  • Handlebar- FREE (Rockstar Social Club Exclusive)
  • The Gerry- $65


  • The name is German for "Mr. Kutz" but can be pronounced as "Hair Cuts".
  • There is a real-life "Herr Kutz" barbershop located in Scotland, England. However, the owner of the barbershop claims that Rockstar North saw his shop and decided to replicate it. After seeing his son's own copy of the game and seeing the barber shop in his own eyes, he claims that they "ripped off the shop's logo, interior, and the building". These claims were debatable in the public and he was found "disgusted" that his shop was used in a violent video game. He tried filing lawsuits against Rockstar North and Take-Two Interactive, but they have been so far unsuccessful. [1]


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