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Green Tiki, Vice City hidden package

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City features one-hundred hidden packages, and along with other tasks required to achieve 100% completion of the game, all 100 must be collected. The player also receives $100,000 when all packages are collected. These Pickups, objects collected by walking into them, are hidden in various obscure locations and have the appearance of slowly spinning glowing green Tiki statues.
GTAVC Map-pinpoint pink Example

Each pinpoint tip is placed one pixel above marked features or pickups.


An award level is achieved for every ten packages collected. These awards typically will spawn at the player's safehouse or spawn at other locations as noted.

Package Locations

Ocean Beach

GTAVC HiddenPack 1-9 Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach hidden packages 1-8.

GTAVC HiddenPack 01 NE corner of exploded SW pilings hut S of Pier 2
1: On the Northeast corner of the explode Southwest pilings hut (of 3) at the South end of the main channel, between the South points of the East and West islands and directly South of Pier 2 Pier with Juan Cortez' Yacht. A rampage is nearby. Access by boat, or very skillful helicopter landing.
GTAVC HiddenPack 02 Ocean Rock
2: On the steepest slope of the collection of rocks in the water East of package 1 and due South of Ocean Bay Marina Pier 2, Colonel Cortez' boat. Access by boat, a natural slip is on the south. Avoid drowning - don't jump into boat, instead stand near boat and 'Enter'[G].
GTAVC HiddenPack 03 S steps of Lance Vance's House, W of helipad
3: At the South steps of Lance Vance's house, West of the Helipad.
GTAVC HiddenPack 04 lighthouse steps
4: On the steps of the lighthouse at the south end of the east island.
GTAVC HiddenPack 05 NW corner of underground car park in Marina Sands Hotel
5: In the Northwest corner inside the underground car park South of the Ocean Bay Marina, West of the Marina Sands Hotel and East of Pier 2, where Colonel Cortez' Yacht is.
GTAVC HiddenPack 06 NW at shore behind Ocean View Medical Foundation
6: Northwest, at shore behind the Ocean View Medical Foundation, two tall white buildings, South-most from Ocean View Hospital. Access: Use a car as ramp for pedestrian jump, or run South from Ocean View Hospital. A Rampage is nearby.
GTAVC HiddenPack 07 centered under bridge abutment of South-most bridge East end (Ocean Beach side)
7: Centered on the ledge under the bridge abutment of the South-most bridge East end (Ocean Beach side). North of Ocean View Hospital.
GTAVC HiddenPack 08 E. of Washington Mall
8: On Southwest corner of the roof East of Washington Mall parking structure. Access by helicopter or follow the directions for unique jump (No.8) East off the top of the parking structure. When you land, turn right and jump one of the three vents to the next roof South.

Washington Beach

GTAVC HiddenPack 9-20 Washington Beach

Washington Beach hidden packages 9-18.

GTAVC HiddenPack 09 NE corner near pool of tall pink condos E of Hotel Harrison
9: Northeast corner, near pool and Body Armor of very tall pink condominium east of Hotel Harrison. An Uz-I is nearby at the building Southwest corner, visit often to restock drive-by ammunition and top up armor.
GTAVC HiddenPack 10 DBP Security
10: On the the Southwest corner of the DBP Security building roof. Access with a helicopter or use a motorcycle up the Bar Brawl stairs in the alley of unique jump 10.
GTAVC HiddenPack 09 1102 Washington Safehouse
11: On the West porch behind the 1102 Washington Street safehouse building.
GTAVC HiddenPack 12 Washington Canal S. Stone Bridge
12: Base of Southeast granite pillar abutment of the South stone bridge of Washington St. crossing Washington Canal, North of 1102 Washington Street safehouse and South of Bunch of Tools shop at the StarView Heights construction site.
GTAVC HiddenPack 13 S. of Washington Beach VCPD HQ
13: Northwest corner of roof on top of the tall white building with blue stripe, south of the Washington Beach Police Station. Access with helicopter.
GTAVC HiddenPack 14 Washington Beach Lifeguard booth
14: South Porch of the lifeguard shack on the beach due West of Washington Beach Police Station and just South of the South-most beach front hotel.
GTAVC HiddenPack 15 Washington Beach VCPD HQ
15: In the North end of the West office directly across from the stairs on the second floor inside the Washington Beach Police Station. Advisory: wear the VCPD uniform unlocked after Cop Land, or wear body armor with full health. In civilian clothing, you will attain a two-star wanted level. It's best obtainable during the mission No Escape?.
GTAVC HiddenPack 16 NW corner of S lap pool patio centered in pink towers, S of StarView Heights construction site
16: Northwest corner of South patio of the small pink, walled, lap pools clubhouse, between the towers of the spa, South of the Starfish Island bridge road and South of the StarView Heights construction site and East of the Tooled Up shop. A rampage is on the Northeast corner of the lap pools building.
GTAVC HiddenPack 17 N in showers W of pink towers, S of StarView Heights construction site
17: North inside the outdoor showers, West of the towers and near the channel, South of the Starfish Island bridge road and South of the StarView Heights construction site.
GTAVC HiddenPack 18 Under Bridge from Washington Beach to Starfish Island
18:Centered under the East abutment of the bridge from Washington Beach to Starfish Island, on the path between the health club and the StarView Heights construction site.
GTAVC HiddenPack 19 centered N behind Spand Express Shipping Co
19: Centered North behind the Spand Express Shipping Company office, South of the StarView Heights construction site wall. This is where the Riot mission took place.
GTAVC HiddenPack 20 S end 2nd floor girder on unfinished Avery Carrington construction site
20: At the far end of the bottom diagonal girder (2nd floor) of the unfinished building at the Avery Carrington construction site. Access using the wooden planks as ramps, then reached with careful girder walking by centering your gaze on the tip.

Vice Point

GTAVC HiddenPack 21-40 Vice Point & North Point Mall map

Vice Point and North Point Mall hidden packages 19-40.

GTAVC HiddenPack 21 Washington Canal Strip Condo Dock to Leaf Links
21: At the end of the dock, where a Dinghy spawns, on Washington Canal behind white row of strip Condos, East of Leaf Links and North-west of StarView Heights construction site.
GTAVC HiddenPack 22 aqua hotel roof pool
22: In the Southwest corner by the pool on the roof of the aqua painted boutique hotel between the Vice City Beach water tower and the Standing Vice Point hotel, it is also across Ocean Ave. Southeast of the Malibu Club. Access with helicopter.
GTAVC HiddenPack 23 SE. corner of Malibu Club parking
23: In the Southeast corner of the Malibu Club car park, just behind the sidewalk payphone, obscured by both the low wall with hurricane fence on top and the spawning Rumpo.
GTAVC HiddenPack 24 blue apt. roof pool
24: Southeast corner by the pool on the roof of the blue apartment building, north of the Malibu Club. Access with helicopter or while access is granted during the mission Treacherous Swine.
GTAVC HiddenPack 25 NW pool E WK Chariot Hotel
25: In the Northwest corner of the beachside (east) pool courtyard of WK Chariot Hotel hotel, east of the Malibu Club.
GTAVC HiddenPack 26 NE corner inside North Point Pizza
26: Northeast corner inside the North Point The Well Stacked Pizza Co. by the bridge to the west island.
GTAVC HiddenPack 27 white apt. stairs W. of NorthPointPizza
27: East behind the stairs on the North end of the long white block of apartments with courtyards and East of the North Point The Well Stacked Pizza Co..
GTAVC HiddenPack 28 Jewelry Store N of NorthPointPizza
28: Northwest corner behind the counter inside the yewelry store, two blocks north of the North Point The Well Stacked Pizza Co.. Robbery #7 occurs here as well.
GTAVC HiddenPack 29 NW plaza by back door of Mercedes home
29: Northwest plaza by the back door of Mercedes' home, a white house of glass and ramps North of the Leaf Links bridge East end. A Rampage is on the Washington Canal dock to the west.
GTAVC HiddenPack 30 easteregg courtyard apt. long roof
30: On the southwest of the roof, which in The Chase, this building is the starting point of the third mission checkpoint - looking through the window. Access by helicopter or walk up the steps to the roof and follow it to the left. After the turn, turn around to the left to to see the package. East of the building where you found package 29 is a white building with steps in the front.
GTAVC HiddenPack 31 NW corner of NE yard of 4 in courtyard
31: Northwest corner of northeast yard of four in courtyard. A police bribe is on the alley to the south intersecting east-west - passing through the white building arcade arches. A Sparrow spawns to the south of that alley. Across the street from the north Pay 'n' Spray is a row of white buildings. In the center is an arched doorway. Walk in and enter the second yard to the left. The package is at the north corner.
GTAVC HiddenPack 32 West point of crescent hotel esplinade in bushs
32: In the bushes at the west point of the esplanade where the road hairpin curves at the mouth of the Washington Canal, of the Ducum Inn, a tall, crescent curved, hotel with long, broad, curved steps on the west.
GTAVC HiddenPack 33 top diving tower E. of crescent hotel
33: At the West edge of the top diving tower above the pool, on the east side of the Ducum Inn - a tall, crescent curved hotel at the north mouth of the Washington Canal.
GTAVC HiddenPack 34 SW under E abutment at water's edge W of underpass of East side of East bridge to Prawn Island
34: Southwest under east abutment, at water's edge west of underpass, of east side of East Bridge to Prawn Island.
GTAVC HiddenPack 35 NE jocksport sign Vice Point RC Bandit dirt track
35: Behind the northeast sign 'Jocksport' of Vice Point RC Bandit dirt track.
GTAVC HiddenPack 36 S. in center beachside entrance of Vice Point Club
36: In the south corner of the center beachside entrance doors on the terrace at the east (back) of the pink Vice Point Club which is northern most beachfront building and which is also across the street east from the East entrance to the North Point Mall, and which also is South of 3321 Vice Point as well. A Rampage is nearby at the northeast building corner on the sand below this walled terrace. A Body Armor pickup spawns at the northwest corner on this terrace.
GTAVC HiddenPack 37 S. in N. outside pocket Vice Point Mall
37: South, in the north outside pocket between the two north entrances of the North Point Mall.
GTAVC HiddenPack 38 E. upstairs Vice Point Mall
38: Centered behind the big planter by the 'sale' windows on the east side middle, second floor of North Point Mall.
GTAVC HiddenPack 39 SW. upstairs Gash store Vice Point Mall
39: At the second floor, west side south end, of the Gash store interior at the south end of the North Point Mall.
GTAVC HiddenPack 40 S.of S. Car Park Entrance of Vice Point Mall W
40: Northwest corner south of south entrance of the car park garage at the west entrance of North Point Mall.

Prawn Island

GTAVC HiddenPack 41-45 Prawn Island map

Prawn Island Hidden Packages 41-45.

PrawnIsland map
GTAVC HiddenPack 41 W end of short alley on loop road S by water of E bridge
41: At the west end of the short alley on the road south by the water of the East bridge before you reach the police bribe.
GTAVC HiddenPack 42 centered between stairwells at N of roof on central blue InterGlobal Studios office
42: Centered between North rooftop stairwells on central blue InterGlobal Studios offices. Access with helicopter or attempt jump via the Unique Stunt Jump on the roof of the building across the road to the east.
GTAVC HiddenPack 43 SW corner of NE stage C
43: Southwest corner inside the vacant Northeast 'Stage C' at InterGlobal Studios.
GTAVC HiddenPack 44 W porch back of W green mansion
44: West Porch, back of West green Mansion, on Prawn Island.
GTAVC HiddenPack 45 NW. corner of hidden roomi in E. yellow house on Prawn Island
45: In the northwest corner of the hidden room (east) inside the east yellow house on Prawn Island. Access by dropping down into the room with the broken wall from the second floor cutout above.

Leaf Links

GTAVC HiddenPack 46-50 Leaf Links Islands map

Leaf Links hidden packages 46-50.

These hidden packages require entering the Leaf Links golf club to reach them. Access is granted from Four Iron onwards or via a helicopter.

GTAVC HiddenPack 46 under W abutment of bridge from Leaf Links to Washington Beach
46: Under the west abutment of the bridge from Leaf Links to Washington Beach.
GTAVC HiddenPack 47 N. Driving range stall in N. Leaf Links
47: In the northmost driving range at the North end of Leaf Links golf club.
GTAVC HiddenPack 48 center of sandtrap W. of snake road in N. Leaf Links
48: In a sandtrap bunker west of the end of the snaked curve road. Enter the golf club and turn left. Follow the curved road to the end and keep on going west.
GTAVC HiddenPack 49 N. of island palm tree in Leaf Links S. lake
49: Next to the palm tree on the island in the water hazard. The water is shallow enough to walk through and not kill the player.


GTA Vice City - Hidden Packages City Sleuth Trophy Achievement49:27

GTA Vice City - Hidden Packages City Sleuth Trophy Achievement