Carl Johnson goes to Cesar's House where he finds Cesar Vialpando and Kendl Johnson sitting in Cesar's Savanna.
Cesar Heeyy, CJ, you made it!
CJ What's the bi'ness?
Kendl Hey Carl!
CJ Hey, baby.
Cesar Nice ride, man. That's no carrucha! You sure you want to risk that baby?
CJ Yeah, I'm sure. How much they talking about?
Cesar It's hard cash or your pink slip in the pot. Con Safos, eh. Then you pull up and race. First past the post wins, con chota, sin chota.
CJ OK, for sure. I'm down.
Cesar Watch out, CJ, these boys don't like to lose, eh...
CJ Yeah, well me either.
Cesar Follow me to the race, dude!
CJ follows Cesar and Kendl to race start point near Commerce.
Cesar Hey, keep up, holmes! Not far now, eh!
Kendl C'mon, Carl, follow us! You almost there, Carl!