Main Page is a website only accessible in The Lost and Damned. It is a space tourism site, which offers sub-orbital spaceflights to the general public, typically at a high price. It is likely a parody of Virgin Galactic, since "highmen" phonetically sounds exactly like "hymen", which is often referred to as a sign of female virginity.

Highmen Space Tours

Highmen Space Tours was founded in 2004 as an attempt to make money off of incredibly rich and famous people by offering a $250,000 ride on board a private spacecraft, Spacetrotter2. The plan for the Spacetrotter2 was to fly up to space, cruise around in orbit for roughly five minutes while passengers floated around before plunging back down to atmosphere. Passengers also would have had the opportunity to host their bachelor party on board the Spacetrotter2. Unfortunately none of this has come to fruition due to the fact that all of the Highmen Space Tours's shuttles are just prototypes that are prone to malfunction and may even blow up on the launch pad but are still over-hyped in glitzy publicity stunts in a desperate attempt to attract passengers and pilots who are brave/sober enough to pilot the spacecraft.

The Highmen Group

Highmen Space Tours is a subsidiary of the Highmen Group. The group is owned by Jefferson Springfield Jr.; a visionary, passive-aggressive, Southern entrepreneur with a demoniacal grin and a flair for self-aggrandizement. He made his first million at the age of 3, bought his first Third-World country at age 10, and was awarded a presidential medal for services to campaign funding at age 13. He spends most of his time and marketing budget on promoting philanthropy, breaking world records, and occasionally wondering what other people see in "art".

The group itself is a manufacturer of music stores, soft drinks, airplanes, hot air-balloons, trains, banking, cell phones, condoms, machine guns, rockets, gold teeth, arctic camping gear, submarines, base-jumping equipment, and ceremonial urns.



  • Highmen Space Tours, is a parody of the real life Virgin Galactic and, as such, both have many similarities:
    • Both were founded in 2004.
    • The Spacetrotter2 is a parody of the SpaceShipTwo.
    • The Black Baron II "mothership" is a parody of the White Knight Two.
    • Both are subsidiarity of a much larger conglomerate (The Highmen Group and The Virgin Group.) who brand their name onto a multitude of products.
    • Jefferson Springfield Jr. appears to be a parody of Virgin Group founder Richard Branson.