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Hippy Shopper logo

Hippy Shopper is a small chain of shops based in San Fierro, San Andreas, with stores located, fittingly, in the hippie-influenced districts of Hashbury and Queens.

The Hippy Shopper name is based on that of Happy Shopper, a United Kingdom-based brand of convenience products; its logo is based on the Happy Shopper's original orange and yellow design (retired 2000), complete with the head of a grinning blond woman, which is depicted in-game with a bandanna and longer hair in the same fashion as a stereotypical hippie. Both stores are inaccessible to the player.

Motorcycle Courier Sidemission

GTA San Andreas presents a side-mission where Carl Johnson acts as a courier for a Hippy Shopper in Queens, delivering packages. Once the side mission is complete, the Queens Hippy Shopper becomes an asset for Carl, after completing four delivery side-missions, and earns up to $2,000 a day.


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