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"I got something I need help with - a list of Ballas got to get clapped. You take of the dudes in the order I give you, they ain't going to get wise to it. Any deviation, the thing is blown. It's Big T, Little T, Small F and Terrance. Get to it, you goin' get paid."

Hit 'Em Up is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Online given to the player by Gerald. It is available from 1-4 players.


Gerald has a list of four members of the Ballas gang that he wants to be killed. He also wants them to be killed in a specific order so the gang doesn't get wise before completion.

  • Big T

Big T is at the New Do Barber Shop on Mirror Park Boulevard. He is being guarded by many members of the Ballas, although only Big T needs to be killed to advance.

  • Little T

The team now has two real-time minutes to get to the Hydro Plant on Route 13 before Little T leaves. He is driving north, and his car is guarded by one other car of Ballas. Only Little T needs to be killed to advance.

  • Small F 

After killing Little T, the team has two real-time minutes to go to the farm on Baytree Canyon Road. Small F is there, being guarded by members of the Ballas. Only Small F needs to be killed to advance.

  • Terrance

After killing Small F, the team has three real-time minutes to get to the Derelict Motel in Sandy Shores. Terrance is there, guarded by members of the Ballas. This time, Terrance and all of the Ballas at the motel need to be killed. Once they are all killed, the mission is completed.


  • If in a team of four, each person can go to one location, as long as the Ballas members are killed in order.
  • As the last two members are in Blaine County, the player can take off-road short-cuts to save time.
  • If the player knows which member to kill in the first three locations, they can kill the member and flee if they don't want to enter a shoot-out with the Ballas.

Video Walkthrough

GTA Online - Mission - Hit 'Em Up Hard Difficulty07:08

GTA Online - Mission - Hit 'Em Up Hard Difficulty



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