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Ho Chi is a fictional character mentioned on various radio stations in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Ho Chi is a character in the films Evacuator and Exploder: Evacuator Part II and is the side-kick of Tim, played by Jack Howitzer.

Jack Howitzer admits to killing the original Ho Chi on WCTR in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, saying he has a new Ho Chi. However, Howitzer had become delusional and it is unknown whether he killed the actor or whether the event took place in one of the films. After Howitzer is sent to prison for the murder of Billy Dexter, he forces his cellmate to be another new Ho Chi. His name is a reference to Ho Chi Minh, the former leader of North Vietnam.

Jack's Lifeinvader account in Grand Theft Auto V features him and a puppet he named Ho Chi Sock, who also appears in the Jack Howitzer TV series.


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