Ho chi sock

Ho Chi Sock

Ho Chi Sock is Jack Howitzer's sock puppet, although Jack is convinced that he isn't one and has a life of its own. He is based on Ho Chi, the sidekick of Howitzer's character Tim in the Evacuator Trilogy, who in turn was based on 20th century Communist leader Ho Chi Minh. Jack "met" Ho Chi Sock in the laundry room of Bolingbroke Penitentiary whilst incarcerated and he talks to him when times are tough. Sock "speaks" with a stereotypical East Asian accent, and his appearance is similar to that of a typical Vietnamese soldier during the Vietnam War; wearing a conical hat, green jacket, red neckerchief and holding a model SKS.

Sock appears in the TV series Jack Howitzer; he is used as Jack's Lifeinvader profile photo, and has a blog post on Jack's website. He types with his mouth and his English isn't that good - he is prone to typos and his spelling is similar to the phonetics of a stereotypical Eastern Asian accent; swapping Rs and Ls with each other and omitting short words. He has a grudge with Rufus Bellows, who wants Jack to get rid of the puppet.