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[[File:Download_(2).png|thumb|Hoarmont Avenue marked in red, on Vice City map.]]
*[[1412 Hotel]]
*[[1412 Hotel]]
*[[Concert Hall]]
*[[Concert Hall]]

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Hoarmont Avenue

Hoarmont Avenue is an avenue in Downtown, Vice City. It features in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


The Hoarmont Avenue is a two-ways lane, with a large number of streets and alleys that cross the avenue. Is the home of the rock in Vice City, the seat of the Love Fist band, and the radio station V-Rock.


Download (2)

Hoarmont Avenue marked in red, on Vice City map.


These cars are parked around the Hoarmont Avenue.

Differences between GTA Vice City and GTA Vice City Stories

  • In 1984, in GTA Vice City Stories, just at the begin from the avenue, the King Knuts serves as food restaurant, but it was later replaced in 1986, in GTA Vice City, as The Well Stacked Pizza Co. Only The Well Stacked Pizza Co. is accessible to the player.
  • The Mal Viento, in 1984 was replaced later to the Jock Sports in 1986, where it's a icon to change clothes ( the black Tracksuit ).


  • Police Bribe - In the little alleyway, front of the Hyman Condo's garages.

Notable Residents


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