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"The coast has many markets and hipsters. Rumor has it that a group of hipsters are hiding dope in these Stores. Take them out. Then cash out."
―-Match description

Hold: Shopping Spree is a Rockstar verified user-created Capture job featured in Grand Theft Auto Online.

The main job is located outside a store in Chumush. Bases are located further down the road in either direction.

Duffel Bags are the main objective to steal, {{{amount required}}} are needed to win the game.

Weapons like SMGs and Carbine Rifles are available for the players.

Vehicles like Police Cruisers and Phantom trucks are present on the highway.


GTAO-Shopping Spree Map



  • Rockstar Social Club lists the match as allowing 2 - 17 players, which the others do not appear as, they will simply appear as 2 - 16 players.