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The Holiday Gifts (Most commonly known as The Christmas Update) were a set of temporary extras added to Grand Theft Auto Online. These were installed in the 1.08 update, but were only made available on the December 24th 2013.

The items however, expired on January 5th, 2014. Another set of "seasonal treats" labelled the Festive Surprise were added to the game in the Christmas of 2014.

Update content

  • New Christmas-based clothing, such as Santa hats, elf jackets and popular Christmas characters masks, all added for free in the character's wardrobe.
  • Discounts on some items, such as luxury sedans, winter clothing, vehicle musical horns and others.
  • A snowfall occurred on the 25th of December, resulting in Los Santos and Blaine County being fully covered in snow for approximately 48 hours.


  • While the clothes can no longer be obtained in-game, if the player has kept them on since the update they won't disappear. Changing them will make them unavailable though.
  • All the clothing returned in the Festive Surprise update.
    • Snow returned from December 24th 2014 (UTC) before ending on January 3rd 2015 with the Festive Surprise.


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