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"The guy is guilty as sin, he is sin. But, it'll take me a year to get the evidence. More maybe. Maybe good men will be taken down by that evidence. Maybe people make mistakes."
Francis McReary.
"I'll get out the game. Get a GED or some shit, make something out of my life. "
―Clarence Little begging for Niko to spare his life

In Holland Nights, Francis wants Niko Bellic to kill a drug dealer, Clarence Little, in the East Holland projects.

The dealer is on the second floor. The main way to complete the mission is to chase him to the roof of the apartments. If he escapes, he runs to the roof, where you have to option to spare him or kill him. If you spare him, he will appear as a random character later. After you either kill him or spare him, police surround the building and you have to lose them. In rare occasions, he can steal a car and run away from Niko, leading to a car chase and also making the player unable to let Clarence alive.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Go to the projects in East Holland
  • Take down Clarence
  • Choose Clarence's fate
  • Lose your wanted level


Video Walkthrough


  • Clarence Little (optional) - Killed by Niko on orders of Francis McReary.


  • If you're dating Kiki, and are on good terms with her, you can call her to lose the wanted level. Another hint is to head to the river, located not too far in the East.
  • It also helps to call Dwayne to send backup if you've spared him and his like percentage goes up enough to use the feature.
  • At the beginning Clarence is standing on the second floor. You can throw a molotov to kill him.
  • Another way to complete the mission is to go back out the gate which you entered to start the mission, go across the road to the crane in the alley, climb it and use a sniper rifle to shoot him. This way you don't get a wanted level and the mission is completed.
  • The mission's title is a reference to the movie "Harlem Nights".
  • The way Niko refuses to work for $2000, and asks for $5000 is similar to a scene in Rockstar Vancouver's Bully, specifically in a mission where the protagonist Jimmy Hopkins demands $5 when a student offers to pay him $2 for a task.
  • It is also possible to kill him by accessing the police databanks this, however cancels the mission and doesn't get the player the money.
  • If you approach Clarence, he will run to the stairs and stop on the third story. It is possible to use the other stairs to cross the roof top and walk down the stairs he is on, causing him to leave the projects fleeing on foot, eventually entering a car, leading to a car chase. This also removes the ability to let Clarence live.

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