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Holy rev. Joe's Flophouse is a building that appears in Grand Theft Auto Advance and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


The Flophouse is a building located in Pike Creek that provides cheap, substandard lodging for tenants in less than poor economic situations. The building is in very poor conditions and the living quarters they provide are small, run-down one room apartments that contain only a bed and a closet.

The Flophouse appears in the game as Donald Love's new place of residence after losing the mayoral election and going bankrupt. It is from his room in the flophouse that he provides Toni Cipriani with his second set of missions and, upon the completion of said missions, Love manages to secure enough money to move out of the Flophouse, upon which the building is never featured again in the story.

By 2001, the building is now a Punk Noodles Factory.

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