Carl Johnson enters Ryder's House to find Ryder in the back yard digging up the garden.
Ryder Damn!
Carl Hey, man, what'chu doin'! Diggin' graves?
Ryder Damn, where the fuck I put it, man!
Carl Put what, nigga?
Ryder Man, the fucking water! I need a little something before I go deal with things!
Carl What things, fool?
Ryder My homie, LB, he told me about this army motherfucker who's got all the guns we need! Not that old school Emmet bullshit neither.
Carl I'm down, let's roll.
Ryder Yeah, you always down, homie. Apart from when you ain't around here.
Carl Nigga, fuck you!
Ryder Damn! Man, you want some of this?
Carl Nah, man. I'm cool on that. Where we going?
Ryder This till overlooking East Beach. Better yet, we better wait until it's dark, catch the motherfucker while he in bed.
Carl Yeah, I'm feeling that.
Ryder starts digging around in his garden again.
Ryder Yeah, yeah, that's it, that's it... C'mon nigga, what you waiting for? Look!
Carl Let it go!
Later that evening, Carl and Ryder get in a black Boxville parked outside Ryder's house and drive to Colonel Fuhrberger's House in East Beach.
Ryder Where is this old motherfucker? Where in hell is he?
Carl Relax man. We ain't there yet.
Ryder Yeah, right, Carl. You always right. That's my homie, Mister Right.
Carl Shut up.
Ryder You can't stop me.
Carl Who can't?
Ryder Whatever.
Carl and Ryder arrive at the Colonel's house. Carl parks the van outside the house and both he and Ryder alight.
Ryder Let's storm the place.
Carl Hold up. Let's creep in, grab the guns, and bounce out.
Ryder Yeah, yeah, I got it - ninja style! Right... (shouts) Come out you old bastard!
Carl Shut up!
Ryder He can't stop me, you buster, Carl! Ok, fool, in you go - I'll keep watch
Carl enters the Colonel's house and steals the weapons crates located around the house. If he makes too much noise at first...
Colonel (still asleep) Get off my ridge, you Viet Cong bastards!
After collecting all the crates, Carl and Ryder get back in the van.
Carl Let's get up out of here.
Carl and Ryder leave the area and drive to the lockup.
Ryder A'ight, now we straight. LB's got a storage garage down on Seville Boulevard Families' turf we can use
Carl I'm on it. Seriously, Ryder man, you gotta give up them sticks.
Ryder What? I'll give up the water if you give up being a busta.
Carl Hold it right there, homie.
Ryder Buster.
Carl Forget it.
Ryder Forget you fool.
Carl One day, you're gonna wish you hadn't pissed me off!
Ryder Did I hear something? Sounded like the busta complaining again.
Carl Man, this is childish.
Ryder Man, I ain't talking to you no more, fool.
Carl arrives at the lockup and parks the van inside. Carl and Ryder exit the lockup.
Ryder You see, I told you, simple.
CJ Yeah, that was a real breeze.
Ryder Say, CJ, you gotta get it in your head that this is everyday shit, homie.
CJ Ok, look, I'm tired, I'll see you later.
Ryder Alright, homes. Just think about what I said.
Ryder departs to see CJ back at Grove Street.