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The Hooker Inn (Express) in GTA Vice City.

Hooker Inn Express is a hotel in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, located in Viceport, near Escobar International Airport. The hotel is distinctive by its brown and terraced facade, and features a swimming pool at the back of the building.

The "Hooker Inn Express" name is a parody of the Holiday Inn Express (down to the font style, however Holiday Inn changed its logo), implying itself to be a place where clients and hookers can have sex, if its "executive in a hurry" slogan is any indication. The name may also be a take on the phrase hook her in. This parody of Holiday Inn Express is in fact a prochronism as the first hotels with the Express brand didn't come about until 1990.

Although the building itself is roughly same in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, it assumes a completely different name, Beachcomber Hotel. Other changes seen on the game's depiction of the hotel include pillars on the central driveway into the building, as well as a more detailed swimming pool compound (complete with an outdoor bar). In GTA Vice City Stories, the Beachcomber Hotel serves as the location where Phil Cassidy recruits some assistants in "Truck Stop".


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Holiday Inn

Comparison of Hooker and Holiday Inn logos.

*Hooker Inn Express is a parody of Holiday Inn Express, the well known overnight travel hotel. The logos even have the same font.

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