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Fame or Shame GTAV Beating a Dead Horse

A horse seen being beaten in an episode of Fame or Shame

For the characters, see Horse (characters).

The Horse is an animal that was scheduled to be featured in Grand Theft Auto V, but was cut from the final release.


They were intended to be able to be ridden by the player, similarly to the horses from Rockstar Games' Red Dead Redemption. Many leftover files exist in the GTA V game files, although no actual models exist. This includes police scanner audio. A horse was meant to appear in the cut heist The Sharmoota Job, where it belonged to Martin Madrazo and had to be stolen by Michael and Trevor.

A horse is seen in the opening credits of an episode of Fame or Shame, being beaten with a baseball bat, a visual pun for reality TV shows flogging a dead horse. The movie Capolavoro also features horses in the same, which acts in a similar way to the RDR counterparts.


  • The horse depicted in the Fame or Shame episode appears to be either a Highland Chestnut, a Welsh Mountain or a different breed. However, the horse model appears to be rather unfinished, considering most of the in-game TV programs were made during the beta.