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For the beta animal, see Horse (animal).

Horse is a name of two characters in the Grand Theft Auto series who appear in The Lost and Damned.

The First "Horse"


(First) Horse was a resident of Liberty City and a member of The Lost MC. Some time before the events of The Lost and Damned, Horse turned states evidence against the gang. He was, however, killed by some hitmen of the gang before he could testify.

Events of The Lost and Damned

During the mission "This Shit's Cursed", Billy tells Johnny Klebitz about Horse's actions, and how he paid for it.

The Second "Horse"


(Second) Horse is a resident of Liberty City and a member of The Lost MC. It is unknown if he is named after the member who betrayed the Lost.

Events of The Lost and Damned

Horse helps Johnny Klebitz during missions and gang wars. If Horse is killed during one of these situations, he will be replaced by another member. A pedestrian with Horse's model can be found in and around the Lost MC Clubhouse, as well in Acter.



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