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Horseshoes are collectibles found in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


These are unique to Las Venturas, and act as a normal pickup. There are 50 horseshoes in total across the city. Unlike the other collectibles in the game (tags, snapshots and oysters), a number of horseshoes are almost impossible to reach without a jetpack, which can only be obtained at the Verdant Meadows Airfield after completing Green Goo (unless the player uses cheats). They can also be obtained through skillful helicopter flying or a combination of slow moving airplanes and parachutes. However, the latter two techniques are harder and take longer.


After collecting all 50 horseshoes, CJ's Sex Appeal gets boosted, while his luck increases to 1,000. The Luck stat affects your chances of winning while gambling. Luck can only increase as you collect Horseshoes. The reward for collecting all Horseshoes is that four weapons spawn at The Four Dragons Casino on the south end of The Strip: MP5, Satchel Charges, SPAS 12 and M4. The player is also given $100,000 dollars.


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