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Not to be confused with the GTA: San Andreas mission, Cop Wheels, or the GTA Advance mission, Hot Wheels.

"Oh yeah, I understand, Vinnie. I understand that as long as I work for you, I get treated like a bitch. Well, I was making scores while you were looking up girls' skirts. Have your bitch job back, 'boss'. I quit!"
Toni Cipriani

Hot Wheels is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, given to protagonist Toni Cipriani by Leone Family Caporegime Vincenzo Cilli from his warehouse in the Atlantic Quays district Portland Island, Liberty City.


Toni drops by Vincenzo's warehouse in Atlantic Quays looking for more work. Vincenzo is at first on the phone to his mother and then says goodbye. Toni berates Vincenzo for his 'multi-tasking' with Cheryl with her head in his pants whilst on the phone to his mother, not showing her the proper respect. Vincenzo tells Toni about his drug filled Banshee that he needs picking up in order to supply more Leone-controlled drugs into the city.

Toni goes to the car and attempts to drive away, at which point the police enter the scene and begin to chase Toni, resulting in the player acquiring a 3-star wanted level. Toni manages to drive away from the police and uses the Pay 'n' Spray in Red Light District to lose them. Toni drives the car to a Leone lock up in Saint Mark's and receives a phone call from Vincenzo. Toni accuses Vincenzo of setting him up, while Vincenzo claims that Toni is ungrateful for the things he's given him like a job and an apartment. The pair argue before Toni quits his job with Vincenzo. Toni then takes the car to the car crusher in Harwood and has the car crushed, to send a message to Vincenzo. Toni pockets the money from the car and the mission is complete.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Collect Vincenzo's car
  • It's a police trap! Get the car out of there
  • Lose the cops
  • Deliver the car to Vincenzo's lock-up
  • Teach Vincenzo never to mess around with you again - crush his car!
  • Drive to the car crusher
  • Stop in the marker
  • Get out and wait for the crusher to do it's thing


There is no monetary reward for completing the mission except the money from crushing the car. The player can earn additional varying amounts of petty cash by bringing other vehicles to the same spot (one in fact spawns right next to the crusher). The crusher will not accept large vehicles, however.


  • In Grand Theft Auto Advance, there is an another mission called Hot Wheels, which also consists of stealing a Banshee, and are both given by someone named Vinnie.
  • Hot Wheels is a brand which manufactures die cast toy cars. The Dodge Viper, which the Banshee is modeled after, is one of the popular die-cast Hot Wheels models.
  • This mission is vaguely similar to the mission Last Requests in Grand Theft Auto III, where Salvatore Leone gets Claude to pick up a car for him. This also turns out to be a betrayal. However, the car is a bomb in GTA III, whilst you receive a high wanted level in this mission.


Video walkthrough

PS2 Version iOS Version
GTA Liberty City Stories - Walkthrough - Mission 6 - Hot Wheels05:04

GTA Liberty City Stories - Walkthrough - Mission 6 - Hot Wheels

GTA Liberty City Stories Mobile - Mission 6 - Hot Wheels05:19

GTA Liberty City Stories Mobile - Mission 6 - Hot Wheels


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