Carl Johnson approaches Burger Shot and sees OG Loc coming out from back door.
OG Loc Fuck you, man! And I don't care what you heard, I ain't nobody Ass Technician, bitch!
CJ Hey, hey, whassup, Loc?
OG Loc 'Technician' ain't gangsta, that's wassup!
CJ I heard that!
OG Loc Listen, Carl, if I'm going back to cell, I wanna have a big party first. This may be my last chance to get heard.
CJ Okay, so what's the plan?
OG Loc Well I'm gonna slide back over Grove Street and get those sounds bombastic-fantastic.
CJ Alright, so what do you want me to do?
OG Loc I want you to get ready for the party! Then get some girls, man!
CJ OK...
OG Loc Get some real fly girls, you know what I'm saying? The ones in bikinis and shit, in the videos? I told you, brother, I am the chronicler of our struggle, the voice of the Families, like Moses, only keeping it real. You know what I'm saying?
CJ *not in subtitles* You said it!
Later that day, OG Loc calls CJ on the phone.
OG Loc Hey CJ, word up, G!
CJ Hey, Loc.
OG Loc This party is jumping! We got a gang of crazy ass bitches in the house! You comin' over, homie?
CJ I don't know man, I had some plans tonight.
OG Loc But we had a big disaster. I won't be rappin', my mic's broken!
CJ Oh, OK. I'm gonna come over right now then.
CJ enters OG Loc's House and sees OG Loc rapping on the stage.
OG Loc Yeah, yeah, yeah... This is me, OG Loc, in the house, baby... And I'm gonna...drop it down for all my real gansta niggaz... All of my gangsta bitches... Speaking about gangsta, look at my man CJ right there - what up, nigga? What UUUUUUUUPPPP...
CJ *not in subtitles*LOOOOOOOC...thought the motherfucking mic was broke...
Ryder Hey, what's up, homie!
CJ What's up, Ryder.
Ryder All the homies in the back, man, away from this whack music
CJ Man, I'm furious.
Ryder C'mon.
OG Loc I'm the man in the place, Punch you in the face, A gun in my waist...It's Loc, baby! Yo it's Loc Loc - it's Loc Loc...
CJ and Ryder go outside, where they meet Sweet Johnson and some Grove Street Families members.
Ryder Damn, man, his lyrics is horrible!
CJ That dude needs some work, man.
Ryder Hell, yeah.
Sweet What up, fellas.
CJ Hey, whats up with you, baby!
Sweet So you back on the block, huh?
CJ Hell, yeah!
Sweet You a real killer, huh?
Ryder What he done that I ain't - huh?
Sweet What you talkin' about, nigga?
CJ Yeah, relax, man!
Grove Street OG *rushes in on the bicycle, than drops it* Hey, a Ballas posse is about to run up! They headed up here right now!
Sweet Looks like we backed them Ballas against the wall, huh?
Ryder Hey, CJ, strap up! It's Grove Street! I'll go get Smoke and some Grove boys!
Sweet OK, get some cars, block the road. The rest of y'all get heated.
CJ, Sweet and other Grove Street members block the road and start shooting two Ballas cars.
Sweet Pick your position, Carl get some cover! Dump on them fools! *Four Ballas members appear on the bridge above Grove Street* Hey hey, look up, more of them on the bridge! *another wave of Ballas members runs through alleway near CJ's House* Carl! Cover the alleyway! *Some Ballas member run in near OG Loc's house* Behind us, CJ! Behind us!
CJ, Sweet and other Grove Street members kill all the attacking Ballas member and head back to OG Loc's house
CJ Man, I ain't never seen the Ballas roll that deep before.
Sweet Yeah, they heard Carl Johnson was running with his brother again!
CJ Yeah, fo' sure.
Sweet C'mon, let's get back to the party.
CJ Shit man, once Loc got off the mic, then the party got started.