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Hove Beach Laundromat

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The Hove Beach Laundromat is a laundromat in Hove Beach. It is the primary setting of the campaign mission Hung Out to Dry. It is owned by a man who was in debt to Vlad. There is a cash register in the back of the store that can be opened for $9-$199. Whenever the player opens the cash register, the lady behind the counter will yell angrily at him/her in russian, or yell "You need to go, now!"

Characters Affiliated With the Laundromat


  • The player can go to the laundromat before or after the mission. However there is not much to do except for opening the cash register.
  • Many players who are low on money like the shop, as opening the cash register will usually result in over $100 at the cost of just a one star wanted level.

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