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Hugh Genics is an unseen character in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. His only appearance is when he sends an email to protagonist Huang Lee.


In his email, he tells Huang about a plan to "remove the genetically inferior from the gene pool":

"Hugh Genics

(SPAM?) Nazti Porn


It's all free! FREEEEEE!!! Now you can literally beat yourself into oblivion!

Nazti Porn used to advocate the incarceration, sterilization, and gassing of people like you, but no more! All we need now is a website filled with disrobed perfect future Uber-babes to ensure the seed of the genetically inferior only ever gets shot into a crusty tissue.

Thank you from removing yourself from the gene pool and ensuring the future will be pure Nazti.

Visit us here: GOODBYE JERKOFF"


  • Hugh's name is a clear pun on "Eugenics", the bioengineering company.


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