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Humane Labs and Research is a chemical research company in Grand Theft Auto V. The name is quite ironic, as their research isn't humane at all (creating dangerous chemical weapons and testing on animals).



The Humane Labs and Research facility is located in the San Chianski Mountain Range, and is located on Chianski Passage. Upon entering Humane Labs and Research property, the player will be given a 4 star wanted level. They are known to have created biological weapons for the IAA. However, the media and the public believe they are simply a perfume factory.


  • 1. Administration
  • 2. Specimen Handling
  • 3. Cryogenics
  • 4. Pharmacology
  • 5. Molecular Biology
  • 6. Microbiology
  • 7. Biochemistry
  • 8. Genetics

Events of GTA V

If the player chose the smart aproach in The Jewel Store Job, then one of the preparation missions will require that Michael steal some knockout gas from a Humane Labs Boxville, that is driving along the south of the Interstate 1 highway. The player can shoot the back of the van to drop the gas or rob the van and take it to Lester.

Later in the game, during the mission Monkey Business, Michael, Dave Norton and Steve Haines infiltrate the headquarters of the Humane Labs through a underwater exhaust shaft to steal a chemical weapon that is going to be used by the IAA to gain more government funds. The trio steal the neurotoxin, but they are discovered by the security who opens fire against then. They manage to escape with the weapon and the news spread that the shootout in the labs was caused by some thieves who wanted to steal a "perfume recipe".

Warning signs

  • Private propety, no trespassing: Violators will be prosecuted
  • Notice: All drivers must check in before entering
  • Danger: High voltage
  • No smoking within 80 ft.


Humane Labs and Research operates Boxvilles that bear the Humane Labs and Research logo.

Mission Appearances


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