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The Humboldt River is a body of water in Liberty City which separates Algonquin Island from Broker, Dukes and Bohan, with Charge Island and Colony Island located on the river. It is named after the fictional explorer Horatio Humboldt.

The river is implied by the documentary "A History of Liberty City" to be heavily polluted before even the establishment of the city itself, due to the natives using it effectively as a sewer.

There are two Stunt Jumps on the river, one near Hatton Gardens and one near Colony Island. You have to use a boat for both of the jumps.


  • The Humboldt River is based on two different rivers in wp:New York City and Northern wp:New Jersey. Its real life counterpart is the East River, which separates Manhattan and Long Island. The name "Humboldt" and the river's status as the main river in Liberty City is based on the wp:Hudson River, which actually separates New York and New Jersey. It is not influenced by the real Humboldt River that runs through northern Nevada.
  • The game makes many references to murderers and serial killers hiding the bodies of people they have killed, or want to kill, in this certain river.

Dave Bosoy, who worked with Niko on the Platypus, is later said to be found dead on a Weazel News report. His body was found floating in the Humboldt wearing nothing but a diaper.

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