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This article or section refers to content in the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC renditions of Grand Theft Auto V and/or Grand Theft Auto Online, that is not featured on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 versions.
For a complete list of the features of the "enhanced" version of Grand Theft Auto V, please see here.

Humpback Whales are an animal species that appear in the enhanced version of Grand Theft Auto V


They are the biggest animals in the game, possibly as big as a Benson and they are quite rare. They don't attack the player, as whales in real life are inoffensive. Unlike real whales, they don't spray water from their blowhole. They appear near Del Perro Pier and Paleto Bay, but they are quite rare and you'll have to wait several minutes and even hours if you want to see them (be careful not to be attacked by a Shark), like the Rat, the Humpback Whale can't be controlled after eating a Peyote Plant.

The Humpback whale cannot be killed in anyway except being pushed ashore, not even shooting with a Minigun, throwing Grenades, ramming it with a Kraken or attacking it whilst controlling a Shark would deplete its health.



GTA V - The Blue Whale00:58

GTA V - The Blue Whale

The Humpback Whale's most common location, near Paleto Bay.


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