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"Become the Beast – a stronger, faster (and hairier) version of your character - and flee relentless pursuers all over Los Santos and Blaine County."

Hunt the Beast is a Freemode Event featured in Grand Theft Auto Online, added as part of the Freemode Events Update.


Hunt the Beast is an Event in GTA Online, which transforms a random GTA Online player, who has to be tracked down and killed by other players.

Just like any other Freemode Event, the timer and notification are sent to each player informing them when the event starts. A option to become the Beast is given, by pressing Left D-Pad (Xbox One/PlayStation 4), giving the player a chance out of all other players who selected the option to be the beast.

A random player of the selected ones is selected to be the beast, and is hidden from the radar. All other players must track it down, however, it is faster and stronger.

The objective of the players is to track it down, and kill it within 30 minutes. The objective of the beast is to visit 10 landmarks within the 30 minutes without getting killed.

The Beast becomes noticeable on the Radar once they reach a landmark, or if they choose not to go to a landmark for 3 minutes.


The landmarks used are randomized each time the event is played.


The soundtrack that plays during Hunt the Beast is a Freemode Events remix of "Fresh Mode", originally released in the GTA V Score. It can sometimes play for up to 5 minutes after the mode has finished.

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  • As the Beast, they can call in an Insurgent to prevent any aircraft missiles that can blow them up.
  • The Oppressor can also be called in due to its ability to use rocket boosts as well as gliding. The parachute will also be used when jumping out of the bike.
  • Using an aircraft while off the radar will help the player take out the Beast quickly without any problems at all.
  • The only way to instantly kill the Beast is when they enter a vehicle which leaves them vulnerable to explosives.
  • For the best payout, wait for the Beast to visit at least 6-9 landmarks before taking them out.
  • NPCs nearby may flee the scene when the Beast approaches them which helps them indicate where the Beast is hiding at.


  • The Beast during the event is 3 times stronger than a standard/average GTA Online player, being able to survive 2 tank shells.
  • The red jacket that the beast character model has is possible reference to the movie Teen Wolf, where the protagonist wears the same jacket and also becomes a werewolf.
  • The Beast allows players to use first person view when switching view angles unlike the Director Mode.

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