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A buck about to be shot by Trevor.

"Animals to spot, hunt, and be hunted by."
―Gameplay trailer.

Hunting is a feature first appearing in Grand Theft Auto V.


The hunting feature appears to be based on the one featured in the 2010 open-world western Red Dead Redemption, another game made by Rockstar Games. The hunting activity will occur mostly in Blaine County.

Hunting is available after Trevor meets Cletus (one of Trevor's "?" missions). Hunting is a good way to earn money early on. $1000 days are easy to achieve. After starting the hunt, by finding the appropriate icon on the northwest side of the map that looks vaguely like an animal head, and entering the trailer at this location, Trevor is equipped with the animal call that Cletus gave him in the intro mission and also has unlimited sniper ammo for the duration of the hunt. Each kill must be photographed and sent to Cletus using the phone. Cletus will then send you money based on the type of animal killed and how it was killed. Head-shots and neck-shots earn you extra points which help you move toward higher medal rankings for a single hunt. A Blazer is available outside the trailer. Hunting is available from sunrise to sunset. Cletus will send you a warning text when time is almost up and a final text when hunting is over for the day and you will return to the trailer. 

Recommended Techniques

  • Cougars are deadly and come often. Invest all or most of your cash in the stock market before starting a hunt to avoid costly hospital bills. (Don't let them know you're rich and abuse the system). The Hospitals charge a percentage of your cash on-hand each time you die. Thankfully they do not dig into your assets and investments to pay the medical staff. 
  • When being attacked by a cougar, use Trevor's rage skill (xbox push L and R). This allows Trevor a slow motion opportunity to take out the cougar before it attacks. Rage also allows Trevor to take less damage than usual. He will survive the attack and can then blast the cat when he gets back to his feet.
  • Use the 4 wheeler Blazer provided. You will be able to cover ground more quickly and will also be able to get to your kill for a photo more quickly as well.
  • The animals don't scare easily unless you get inside their "red area" depicted on the map, or if they smell you. Stay downwind of your target if possible. Sneaking isn't as important as Cletus says it is. Speed is the key. Bag as many as you can while there is still daylight. 
  • Watch your radar. You will be able to see a cougar before it attacks.


Grand Theft Auto V will feature around 15 animals that the player can hunt.[1]

Animals known to be hunted:

  • Elk (Deer)
  • Coyote
  • Boar
  • Cougar
  • (please edit and add to list)



  • Trevor seems to be the most avid hunter. It is unknown if the other 2 protagonists will be able to hunt themselves, or maybe even with Trevor.
  • This is the first Rockstar game since Red Dead Redemption to include hunting.
  • In Ammu-nation in San Andreas the player can hear the advertising speaker talk about anti-material rifles for hunting with the famous punchline: "Who needs to skin the deer when it already has been minced!"
  • As in Red Dead Redemption using very powerful weapons such as the rocket launcher or minigun may blow up the animal so you couldn't skin it.



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