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Hydraulics are a feature available in some GTA games, when pushing the anolog sticks (PS2/XBOX) will make the car bounce around in the direction the player wants. Pressing the left analog stick will cause the hydraulics to lock in place. The first car in the series to have hydraulics was a Yardie Lobo, in GTA III. In GTA Vice City, the Voodoo. Finally in GTA San Andreas, the player can customize almost any vehicle to feature hydraulics, but storywise, the first vehicle to feature them is the Savanna. In San Andreas most lowriders are already equipped with them. As both hydraulics and the game camera are controlled with the right analog stick, vehicles with hydraulics disable the camera control. Alomst any car can also be equipped with hydralics at Wheel Arch Angels and Trans Fender,

Cars with Hydralics

The following cars have a chance of having hydralics when spawend on the street during normal gameplay.

GTA Vice City
GTA San Andreas


  • Adding hydraulics to cars is a very desirable thing, since (in GTA: San Andreas) hydraulics will lower a cars profile, decreasing drag, allowing cars to go faster on tarmac surfaces, and also, (in all games,) by pressing the left stick, (for PS2 and Xbox) the player can lock the hydraulics on high, allowing for even softer suspensions, better shock absorbers, and more wheel surface on the ground, allowing for better off-roading, easier fall recovery, and higher tourque and hil-climbing ability, respectively.
  • In GTA: San Andreas, modding any car at any Transfender shop with Hydraulics and Off-road wheels can turn your car into a mini-Monster, capable of going over the traffic, and with greater off-road ability. This works much better with Lowriders, since the car will be lifted well over wheel level, and worse with Race Cars, which are the only group that perform better without hydraulics, since Tuners are purely built for street racing, there is no use to off-road with them.

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