"Franklin steals a Cheetah and an Entity XF for Devin."
―GTA V description at Rockstar Games Social Club
"It's kinda like a little hobby of mine; requisitioning the underappreciated possessions of my contemporaries for some wealthy communists in China who will value them much more...Robbing my so-called friends, Slick."
Devin Weston

I Fought the Law... is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V. The mission is the first of four high end car theft missions from Devin Weston.


Michael, Trevor, and Franklin meet Weston and Molly Schultz at a construction site in Alta. Weston wants the protagonists to steal a blue Cheetah and an orange Entity XF from two trust fund kids. Devin tells Michael and Trevor to dress up as San Andreas Highway Patrol officers while Franklin takes a F620 to find and race the cars.


The mission in the enhanced version.

Franklin drives to a gas station along the Senora Freeway where he challenges the kids to a race. The race heads north up the Freeway. When the race passes Grapeseed, the player is shifted to Michael. Michael and Trevor follow on police bikes and eventually pull over the speeding trio. Michael and Trevor force the kids from their cars. The player-controlled protagonist then calls Schultz who tells them to drop the cars at Hayes Autos. Michael, Trevor, and Franklin race back to the auto repair shop. There, Weston thanks them for their efforts, but tells them that they will only be paid when all the cars have been collected. Molly explains the next job, to steal a Z-Type from record producer Chad Mulligan, and explain who is needed for the job.

Mission Objectives

  • Get in the car.
  • Go to the gas station.
  • Race the cars.
  • Pull over and take the cars.
  • Drive to the garage.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Tight Squeeze - Race between the two trucks.
    • There are two trucks side by just up from the start of the race. Drive the car between them.
  • Bus Passed - Race between the two buses.
  • Follow the Leader - Follow Trevor through the tunnel.
    • One of the requisite cars will split from the pack and go into the Braddock Tunnel. Follow Trevor on the bike with Michael.
  • Time - Complete within 12:00.
    • Skip all cutscenes and go from checkpoint to checkpoint without stopping. Note: If one plans to obtain one of the cars (see 'How to Obtain the Vehicles' section), the required detour makes this achievement much more difficult, but not impossible.
  • Split Seconds - Use Franklin's special ability during the race.
    • Largely unnecessary, but can be used to go between the trucks or the buses, or just to avoid hitting any traffic.


  • Franklin can call Stretch in which Stretch will inform Franklin that he is aware of the work that he is into and wants part of the job.

Lifeinvader Posts

(Franklin's Lifeinvader)

  • Devin Weston - "You're young, you're hungry. I like that. This shark has always got room for the right remora."

(Michael's Lifeinvader)

  • Amanda De Santa - "Makes a change to be with a man who can satisfy me physically, emotionally and spiritually."
  • Jimmy De Santa - "I know this is kinda awkward after the whole spiking incident but I've already blown through all that cash I took from you. Can you spot me $1K for the next couple of weeks? I'm still your only son after all. IM me or something. Later."
  • Tracey De Santa - "You know I do miss you, in some weird codependent way. But this is so much healthier for everyone right now."
  • Lester Crest - "Are you too technicaly inept to post anything, or is this just another one of your masterful attempts to stay "hidden"?"

Bleeter Posts

  • @henrysmithethe4th - "It's an outrage! The police threw Sebastian off a bridge and took our cars! Daddy's so buying me a Grotti now."
  • @tacobrendam_who - "I leave the van for 2 minutes to do a shit and get a parking ticket then on the way home I see 3 sportscars racing on the Senora Freeway at like 120mph and nobody doing anything. My karma's screwed."

How to Obtain the Vehicles

  • Pre-mission; the Adder, F620, and Felon:
    • The player may disrupt the mission's starting point using a variety of methods, most notably by firing a single round from a weapon while still in the street, preferably at an undesired car, possibly earning the player a 1-star wanted level. The related NPCs will scatter, leaving the cars to be collected at the player's discretion. This may be repeated indefinitely, as the mission's starting point resets after leaving the area. However, the usefulness of this is debatable, as all three cars are un-modified and may be encountered during free-roam.
  • During the mission; the Cheetah and Entity XF:
    • Immediately after the cars are stolen, the player may choose which character to control; as Franklin is still driving an F620, the prudent choice is between Trevor's Cheetah or Michael's Entity XF. During the race back to Los Santos, take whichever car chosen to any Los Santos Customs and modify it. Then, abandon the car to fail the mission. Retry from a checkpoint and modify the other car at LSC, but this time complete the mission. Upon completing, the cars will spawn at the LS Auto Impound, each costing $250.




  • The mission title is a reference to the song with the same name, written by Sonny Curtis and popularized by The Bobby Fuller Four.
  • The mission itself may be a reference to the show CHiPs.
  • During the opening cutscene, Trevor claims that Michael finally gets to realize his childhood dream and "dress up as a cop", suggesting that Michael dreamed of becoming a cop growing up.
  • While at Paleto Bay, Trevor remarks that he believes they circled half the state. This is true because the mission begins at Pillbox Hill and ends at Hayes Autos. The race begins at the LS Freeway, and chasing begins around the eastern part of the state at the Senora Freeway-Grapeseed intersection, half-circling Paleto Bay, continues around the west side of the state in Great Ocean Highway, stops at the Raton Canyon Bridge, then returns to Los Santos along the Del Perro Freeway, and ends at Hayes Autos.
  • The F620 used in this mission was originally white, as seen in the second trailer, but was red in the gameplay trailer and in the final game itself.
    • Strangely, the Rockstar Games Social Club image shows the F620 in green, and with unknown rims.
  • This is the only time that the Cheetah and the Entity XF appear in the story. After this mission, the player can only see or drive these vehicles if they are purchased from Legendary Motorsport.
  • The cutscene in which Franklin calls Michael to inform them that they are coming through Grapeseed is a reference to Reuniting The Families mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, as Michael and Trevor throw their half-eaten donuts to the ground and begin the chase on Police Bikes. The same happens in the GTA: San Andreas mission.
  • In the garage where the characters deliver the stolen cars for Weston, there is a wall that has a list of target cars written on it that only shows up under UV light like in Gone in 60 Seconds
  • After collecting the cars, either Michael, Trevor, or Franklin will call Molly at the number 346-555-0174, depending on which protagonist the character chose. If the players dials this number once the phone call has ended, they will be put through to Cletus Ewing's voicemail.
  • It is impossible to gain a wanted level during this mission.
  • The racers can be killed after obtaining their cars.
  • During the cutscene where Franklin challenges the racers, the sounds the car doors makes when they open the door are recycled from older GTA's with one sound taken from GTA III and the other from GTA Vice CIty
  • The Cheetah and Entity XF (before Michael and Trevor start to chase), F620, Trevor's Police Bike, Cheetah and Entity XF (during Michael and Trevor's chase cannot be overtaken or else it will dramatically speed up.
    • During Michael and Trevor's pursuit on the Police Bikes, the F620, Cheetah and Entity XF are not solid objects.
  • When driving the super cars back to Los Santos, if the player manages to use a hill to break into Fort Zancudo, they will not get a wanted level and the military will not attack, even if you punch or kick the soldiers to death. However, if you shoot at them, they will shoot back, but no wanted level will be present and their usual red dots which depict their location will not be visible. This can also be done by a very rare glitch during Father/Son.
  • When Franklin races the 2 cars at the gas station, he can actually overtake one, but won't be able to overtake both. If the player switches to Franklin after Michael and Trevor pull them over, he can actually overtake both and he will say something about docking everyone else's pay. Michael will compliment Franklin, saying he's glad to see him taking the job seriously through good management and will tell Trevor this is a good way to do what's best for Franklin by helping him make the most of all the chances given to him.
  • On the way back to Los Santos, Franklin will make a reference to Simeon Yetarian, explaining that "boostin' cars and racing 'em" is exactly what Simeon had Franklin do before he met Michael. He also says that if Michael didn't have Franklin fired from his repo job, this is exactly what him and Lamar would do and claims Michael put Franklin where he'd be at anyway.
  • After completing this mission (and those that follow in this strand), the collected vehicles can be found, covered up, at Hayes Auto, though they cannot be obtained.

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