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In and Out (advertised as In & Out) is an adversary mode in Grand Theft Auto Online released on May 3rd, 2016.


"This mode sees a lean squad of heavily armed Defenders protecting 8 priceless Packages until the timer runs out. Attackers must make expeditions into enemy territory to nab the bags and then return them safely to home territory. "

This adversary mode is a take on Capture; Attackers take the eight packages from the Defenders and bring them back to their home base. If the Attackers die, they drop the package where they were standing. Defenders cannot pick them back up, so the Attackers do not need to worry about fighting back to the snatch point.

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Image Description Map
InandOut-GTAO-1 In and Out I
InandOut-GTAO-2 In and Out II EveryBulletCounts-GTAO-Map2
In and Out III takes place in Tequi-la-la, West Vinewood. Spawn points are the facade, the game room in the basement, the bar on the second floor and the back entrance.