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Integrity 2.0 is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City. Unlike the other stations, Integrity is not available at the beginning of GTA IV. Comments can be heard on other channels about Lazlow Jones raising funds for his new radio "experience," which he is planning to name 'Lazlow 2.0,' maybe even 3.0 as he thinks he's becoming a superstar in EFLC. Once Algonquin is unlocked, Integrity 2.0 goes on-air. The show takes the form of a modified talk radio: Lazlow wanders around Liberty City through the streets of Algonquin and interviews the random people he comes across. His interviewees include a normal person (who runs away from him), a young woman (who calls him an asshole), talks about himself, Lazlow, then a pervert, a boy who's 13 and sells weed, a latent homosexual, a woman with martial problems, an internet nerd, a woman who believes the answers to life's questions can be solved by imagining one's face is an exclamation mark, a hot dog vendor (who Lazlow later assaults after insulting him), a taxi driver, and a rock star, (who has a city block shut down to film a music video, and is suggested to be a member of Love Fist).

Lazlow returns in Episodes from Liberty City with a side-kick named Jorge. Because The Ballad of Gay Tony takes place halfway through GTA IV, Integrity 2.0 is readily available. These segments include Lazlow and Jorge shouting at a street artist, after he draws Lazlow with "man-tittes" and "a bald patch", being beaten up by a street musician, after Lazlow stands in his donation pile, and, after being refused entry into Maisonette 9 and couldn't find Bahama Mamas, the pair enter Hercules, unknowing that it's a gay club.

Lazlow makes a reference to Def Leppard drummer, Rick Allen, when he says you can lose your arm in a high-speed crash and your friends say "So what? You can drum" talking about his one arm.


  • All GTA IV girlfriends dislike this station.
  • The station is always tuned in the Vapid Taxi, Declasse Taxi and the Schyster Cabby.
  • In one segment, a version of the song "St. Thomas", found on Jazz Nation Radio 108.5, is played in the background. This track is also played on Frickie Van Hardenburg's yacht. The song is also featured in the movies Police Academy during visits to The Blue Oyster Bar.
  • Integrity 2.0 is the only radio station in the entire GTA series that can be unlocked.
  • This radio station is unavailable in multiplayer.
  • It is mentioned that one of the top websites is a social site where among other videos one can find 2girls1cup (though the player can't actually access it).

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