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Interaction Menu GTAO Main
The Interaction menu is a part of the on-screen GUI introduced in Grand Theft Auto Online and later extended in a limited capacity to Grand Theft Auto V.


The menu is accessed live in game as opposed to the Pause Menu, by a long press on the PS3 select button, the Xbox 360 back button, the PS4 touchpad, the Xbox One view button or M on PC.

The menu appears in the upper left corner of the screen.

Menu Content in GTA Online

Quick GPS



  • Share cash from last job (where available depending on job type).


  • Gear
    • Cycle between the Heist gear you have available
  • Outfit
    • Select a saved outfit to wear
  • Glasses
    • Cycle between the glasses you have purchased.
  • Hats
    • Cycle between the hats you have purchased. You can also set the current hat to stay on when riding a motorcycle.
  • Masks
    • Cycle between the masks you have purchased.
  • Helmets
    • Cycle between the helmets you have purchased. You can also set the helmet that you will wear when riding a motorcycle.
  • Auto Show Bike Helmet
    • On/Off - Sets whether or not a helmet is automatically put on when using a bike.
  • Auto Show Aircraft helmet
    • On/Off - Sets whether or not a helmet is automatically put on when using an aircraft.

Body Armor

  • Super Light Armor
  • Light Armor
  • Standard Armor
  • Heavy Armor
  • Super Heavy Armor
    • Use any of the stocked armor your have purchased to refill your armor bar.
  • Show Armor
    • On/Off - Select the armor type to show as being worn. This will not affect your armor bar.
  • Auto Show Armor
    • On/Off - Sets whether or not armor is automatically shown when purchased.


  • Parachute
    • On/Off - Shows your parachute on your back.
  • Smoke Trails
    • Cycle between the parachute smoke trails you have purchased.
  • Bag
    • Cycle between the parachute bags you have purchased.
  • Primary
    • Select the canopy for your Primary Parachute
  • Reserve
    • Select the canopy for your Reserve Parachute


  • P's & Q's (increases health)
    • Eat or drop
  • Ego Chaser (increases health)
    • Eat or drop
  • eCola (increases health)
    • Drink or drop
  • Pisswasser (induces drunken state)
    • Drink or drop
  • Smokes (decreases health)
    • Smoke a cigarette


  • Type
    • Select the type of firework to place. 
  • Color
  • Timer
  • Place
  • Play

Daily Objectives

  • A list of your current 3 random Daily Objectives with checkboxes showing progress.

Impromptu Race

  • Allows the player to host an impromptu race against other players in the Free Mode session.


Player Mood

  • Cycles through the player moods to set their facial expression.

Walk Style

  • Cycles through the walk styles (Enhanced version only).

Enable Passive Mode

Highlight Player

  • Brings up the player list to enable a particular player to be highlighted by flashing their icon on the map.

Request Personal Vehicle

Empty Personal Vehicle

  • Eject any other players currently in your Personal Vehicle.

Vehicle Doors (enhanced version only)

  • Specify a range of doors/car components to be opened/closed on your current personal vehicle.
    • None > All > (Front) Left Door > (Rear) Left Door > (Front) Right Door > (Rear) Right Door > Hood > Trunk.

Vehicle Remote Controls (enhanced version only)

  • Control various startup commands on your current personal vehicle.
    • Engine (On/Off) > Lights (On/Off) > Radio (Radio Station selection)

Vehicle Access

  • Set access permissions to your Personal Vehicle.
    • No-One > Passengers > Everyone > Crew > Friends > Crew + Friends.

Voice Chat

  • Set voice chat preferences (who you can hear and who can hear you) in Free Mode. Does not affect mission chat.
    • No-One > Everyone > Crew > Friends > Crew + Friends.

Spawn Location

  • Set the spawn location when entering a new session
    • Last Location > Random > Property 1 > Property 2 > Property 3 > Garage 1 > Garage 2 > Garage 3.

Player Targeting Priority

  • Set the player targeting mode
    • Everyone - Treats all players (Friends and non=Friends) as threats. 
    • Strangers - Treat all non-Friend players as threats.
    • Attackers - Treat all non-Friend players who damage you as threats.

One on One DM Time

  • 5 > 10 > 15 > 20 > 30 > 45 > 60 minutes. Sets the time limit for any One-on-One Deathmatch you start after another player has killed the character.

Kill Yourself

  • Commit suicide

Menu Content in GTA V

Quick GPS


  • Hats
    • Cycle between the hats you have purchased.
  • Glasses
    • Cycle between the glasses you have purchased.
  • Masks
    • Cycle between the masks you have purchased.


  • Any current mission objective


  • Current help text.

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