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#REDIRECT [[Numbered Highways in San Andreas#Interstate Highway System]]
[[File:Interstate_san_andreas_5.png|thumb|Interstate Highway Shield]]
The '''Interstate System''' is a network of highways in the state of [[San Andreas in HD Universe|San Andreas]] that circulates the [[Los Santos in HD Universe|Los Santos]] area before ending or merging into other roads. There are four Interstate highways being [[Los Santos Freeway (GTA V)|Los Santos Freeway]], [[Del Perro Freeway]], [[Olympic Freeway]] and [[La Puerta Freeway]]. 
The highway names begin with an "I" prefix and then a number directly after a dash (i.e. I-4). The system exists of four originally five highways, but however I-3 seems to be absent in the game. Along with the [[Numbered Highways in San Andreas]], ''Grand Theft Auto V'' has the most extensive freeway system in a ''Grand Theft Auto'' game.
*[[File:Gtav-interstate.jpg|thumb|308px|Map of the Interstate system]]Interstate 1 - [[Los Santos Freeway]]
*Interstate 2 - [[Del Perro Freeway]]
*Interstate 3 - ''Absent''
*Interstate 4 - [[Olympic Freeway]]
*Interstate 5 - [[La Puerta Freeway]]
* The Interstate is based of the real-life U.S nation-wide highway system of the same name.
* ''Grand Theft Auto V'' is the first ''Grand Theft Auto'' game to include realistic Interstates.
*The Interstate is the second largest freeway network after the [[Numbered Highways in San Andreas]].
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