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Invetero is an American luxury sports car manufacturer featured in the HD Universe of the Grand Theft Auto series.


Invetero make luxury cars, they have only made 1 sports car, and two older generations of the same car was released in the San Andreas Flight School Update and Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2. All Invetero cars feature Coquette in their names.

Invetero seems to be based on Chevrolet, judging by the vehicles they make, however, Declasse and Cheval also seem to be based on Chevrolet. They are likely the sub-division of Chevrolet, Corvette.

Invetero's logo is similar to the lighting bolt logo of Opel, a German car brand owned by General Motors, in which Chevrolet is a branch of General Motors. The company's name could be a verbal pun on "in-vitro".


Vehicle Style Based On (HD Universe) Notes
Coquette Sports car 1997-2004 Chevrolet Corvette (IV)

2014-present Chevrolet Corvette (V)

Includes face lift variant (IV)

Includes open-roof variant (V)

Coquette BlackFin Vintage Concept car First generation Chevrolet Corvette Introduced in Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2
Coquette Classic Vintage Sports car 1963-1967 Chevrolet Corvette Introduced in The San Andreas Flight School Update

Includes open-roof variant



  • Invetero is Latin for "to prolong" or "to make old".
    • The name is, however, most probably played on the phrase in vitro which is a biological term for cultures that are stored or grown in a lab. This may refer to the real-life Corvette being assembled in an individual plant.
  • The Police chatter rarely refers to the Coquette as a "Declasse" which could imply that Declasse own Invetero as a subsidiary, who exclusively manufacture Coquettes (similar to how Chevrolet manufacture the Corvette as a division of General Motors), or Invetero manufactures Coquettes based on Declasse chassis (like how RUFmanufacture vehicles based on Porsche). This explanation also gives reasons for why the Coquette isn't made by Cheval, the Holden-based brand in Grand Theft Auto V. Given the similarities between the Corvette and the Coquette, the company's real-world equivalent is most likely the EU-only Corvette Europe[1]brand (see Discussion page).


  1. Corvette


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