Is-it-kosher-Plakat, LCS
Is It Kosher? 
is a play advertised in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


Posters for the play can be found around the theatre in Bedford Point in Staunton Island, while smaller posters can be found in the subways and alleys of Liberty City. The poster shows a cartoonized pig's face on the front, alongside a two star rating, suggesting the play is of an extremely poor quality. One review of the play is "More chutzpah than Rabbi Frank!".

In Jewish culture, Kosher refers to food that conforms to the Jewish dietary law. Meat, including that of a pig, is forbidden in Kosher, answering the title of the play. In an even further Jewish reference, the two star rating has the stars have the same design as the Star of David.

The play cannot be viewed by the player.