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"You're plainly addicted to chaos."
―Isiah Friedlander to Michael.

Dr. Isiah Friedlander is a professional therapist in Los Santos, and appears as a supporting character in GTA V.


Isiah Friedlander is Michael's therapist. He sees him once a week. He also has a popular practice on the Pacific Bluffs coastline.

Dr. Friedlander is portrayed as an over the top version of a "Hollywood" psychotherapist. He's overpriced (as seen in an email where he raises his rates a reasonable 75%) and seems not to actually care about his patients. In cutscenes he's seen looking at his watch waiting for the session time to expire. He is also not concerned much about Michael's behavior as the latter confesses that he is able to kill without remorse and may have killed someone on the way to Isiah's home, which doesn't faze the therapist in the slightest.

Dr. Friedlander also appears in the mission "Reuniting the Family" in which he listens to Amanda and Micheal argue about their relationship but makes no effort to intervene in any way.

Later in the game (in an optional visit), he tells Michael that he is leaving Los Santos and has gotten his own T.V. show. He then informs Michael that he needs to find a new therapist and implies that he's going to be using Michael's case in his show. Angry, Michael chases after Friedlander. Michael then has the choice to kill him or let him go.

If he is let go, a news feed a few days later will state that he has been murdered following his rise to prominence.

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  • His nickname in high school was "pube head".
  • When playing as Michael you can hear his commentary on the situation based on in-game events. When asking about Michael's behavior, you can hear a variety of scripted lines depending on how often you've caused mayhem as him, as well as how often you've engaged in adultery as him. You also have the option to agree or disagree with his evaluation of Michael's character.
  • An after credits scene shows his Psychiatric Evaluation which notes the player's behavior. This includes, but isn't limited to making the way you make friends, laziness, addiction to chaos, whether he thinks you justify your despicable actions, how often you partake in hobbies like Yoga, and whether or not he can assume you're a closet homosexual.
  • After completing Abandonment Issues, Michael is refunded for all of the therapy sessions he went to throughout the game, regardless of choice.



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