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"I know. And Roman... tell this fucking yokel here if he doesn't stop staring at me, I'll have his head chopped off and put a film of it on the internet!"
Vlad Glebov

It's Your Call is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV, given to protagonist Niko Bellic by his cousin Roman.


Niko arrives at Roman's cab office, where Roman introduces him to his secretary and girlfriend Mallorie Bardas. A few moments later, a man named Vladimir Glebov enters and orders Roman to pay his debts. Glebov leaves shortly afterwards, but not before threatening Niko for constantly staring at him, claiming he will "chop [Niko's] head off and put a film of it on [the] internet". At this point, Roman asks Niko to drive him to a hardware store on Dillon Street in Schottler. Niko and Roman get into one of Roman's Taxis and drive to the store. Along the way, Roman reveals that the hardware store is actually a front for a back-room gambling den, and that the money he is gambling with is the money he owes to the loan sharks.

When they arrive at the store, Roman gives Niko his old cell phone and asks Niko to call him if he sees some men arrive in a beige Willard, but warns Niko not to attack them.

Roman heads inside whilst Niko stands guard outside. A few minutes later, a beige Willard pulls up across the road and some men alight and begin walking towards the store. Niko phones Roman to warn him of the approaching loan sharks, with Roman escaping via the back door and running back to the taxi. He gets in, but is spotted by the loan sharks, who get back into their own vehicle and give chase to the taxi.

Niko speeds off and makes his way back to the cab depot whilst avoiding the pursuing loan sharks. After losing the loan sharks during the journey, Niko drops Roman back at the cab depot.


The reward for completing this mission is $30 and the mission Three's a Crowd is unlocked. Niko also receives Roman's old cell phone, allowing him to contact other characters in the game.

Post-mission phone call

After the mission, Niko receives the following text message: Shit. Need help. Come to the depot quick, man! Rom

Phoning Roman after receiving the message will prompt this phone call:

  • Niko - Hey Roman, I got your text.
  • Roman - Great, Niko. I've got my hands full at the moment with these charming money lenders I know. Maybe you should come to the cab office and help me out?
  • Niko - I'll see you soon.


This section/page depicts all cutscenes and dialogues in the mission "It's Your Call" in Grand Theft Auto IV.

It's Your Call
Cutscene 1
Niko Bellic greets Roman Bellic and Mallorie Bardas in the car depot. Vladimir Glebov enters and asks Roman Bellic to pay his debts, before leaving. Niko Bellic and Roman Bellic then leave.
Roman Bellic Come on, big guy - either do some work or get out of here. We don't need jokers.
Cab Driver Screw you.
Roman Bellic Screw you! Baby... when I look into your eyes, it means something. I see little Romans, I see little Mallories, I see stars, I see angels. In my homeland we have a saying...
Cab Driver Yeah, we got one too. You're a fag!
Roman Bellic Shit...
Mallorie Bardas Jesus, Roman, you fuckin' idiota. How can I take you seriously?
Niko Bellic Very difficult, I think... Hello, Roman! Hello, Miss...
Roman Bellic Mallorie, this is my cousin I tell you about, Niko...
Mallorie Bardas Hi.
Roman Bellic Niko, this is Mallorie, the beautiful girl I tell you about... See? Not everything I tell you was bullshit.
Mallorie Bardas I bet most of it was.
Roman Bellic Hey!
Mallorie Bardas I hope you're less full of shit than your cousin over here.
Niko Bellic Thank you.
Roman Bellic This is the woman that I'm going to marry!
Mallorie Bardas Huh! Whatever you say.
Vladimir Glebov I thought you were going to marry me, baby?
Mallorie Bardas Hey, Vlad.
Roman Bellic Hey... Vlad... great! You're fuckin' crazy, man.
Vladimir Glebov You should lose a few pounds - otherwise this beautiful lady is going to leave you.
Roman Bellic I know... I'm a fat prick, what can I do?
Vladimir Glebov Pay your debts?
Roman Bellic I... I will do man. We spoke of this.
Vladimir Glebov No, we didn't speak. You spoke then you say your phone out of batteries. You treat me like a bitch.
Roman Bellic Never! I'd treat you like an idiot, not a bitch, eh?
Vladimir Glebov I guess it's true... the beautiful women do like the guys with the funny sense of humor. Ho ho. I'm laughing.
Roman Bellic I'll get you the money.
Vladimir Glebov I know. And Roman... tell this fucking yokel here if he doesn't stop staring at me, I'll have his head chopped off and put a film of it on the internet!
Mallorie Bardas Ouch...
Roman Bellic Ah... all good... great...
Mallorie Bardas Hah! Yeah, fantastic! Look, say what you like, but at least that guy knows how to speak to a lady.
Roman Bellic Yes, he's all charm. Come on Niko, let's go. Darling... I'll see you later. I've got to take my cousin around some more, get him settled...
Dialogues 1
Niko Bellic drives to the hardware store. (First Possible Dialogue)
Roman Bellic Niko, you're driving us to a hardware store on Dillon Street.
Niko Bellic Doing some home improvements, Roman? You going to build this mansion you tell me about?
Roman Bellic No, funny guy - we going to get money. In America we need money to do anything. You're taking me to a backroom game where I'll win all the dollars we need to really see this town. Nightclubs... women... titties...
Niko Bellic You can play, right? You are good at this game?
Roman Bellic I am the best. I kick all the asses that play me. They call me the Janitor.
Niko Bellic Because you can't pay your debts and they make you mop the floor? Incredible.
Roman Bellic Funny. No! I'm the Janitor because I always clean up. I always win, get it?
Niko Bellic The Janitor. Sure. I seriously hope your cards are better than your nicknames.
Roman Bellic Only problem is I'm playing with some money I've meant to give to these Albanian scumbags. Here's hoping they don't show up, eh?
Niko Bellic We got loan sharks after us? Roman? What's going on?
Roman Bellic After me, and it doesn't matter anyway. When I've played this game I'll have enough money to pay them back ten times. They're wimps anyway.
Niko Bellic drives to the hardware store. (Second Possible Dialogue)
Roman Bellic Niko, you're driving us to a hardware store on Dillon Street.
Niko Bellic Why are we going to this hardware store? You need to buy something?
Roman Bellic No, the business shut down a long time ago. We go there because some guys are playing cards. I'm going to take them for everything they have.
Niko Bellic I have the feeling only thing you will come out of there with is more debt. Has always been that way with you, Roman.
Roman Bellic No, no, this is my game that they play. I have read all the books. You know Car Jabowitz?
Niko Bellic No.
Roman Bellic He on TV whole time. The Buffet Car? Come on. Anyway, I read this book, 'May Contain Nuts.'
Niko Bellic What does this mean... contain nuts?
Roman Bellic It's about making other players think you have best cards, make they think you have the nuts in your hand.
Niko Bellic If you have their nuts in your hand, I believe they will know about it anyway.
Roman Bellic Stupid question, stupid question. You just need know that I read book and I am very good at game. And I'm going to win lot of money for us.
Cutscene 2
Niko Bellic and Roman Bellic arrives at the hardware store. Roman Bellic then enters.
Roman Bellic Niko, wait for me here while I go inside to clean up. Shit, I almost forgot. I'm giving you my old phone, my new number's in there. Call me if some Albanians show up in some shitty beige Willard. Those are the guys I owe money to. Do not hurt them, I know what you're like, Niko Bellic.
Niko Bellic You and your debts, Roman. Always the same. Never change.
Roman Bellic calls Niko Bellic.
Niko Bellic It's all quiet out there Roman, you winning? Please say yes.
Roman Bellic Don't worry I'm getting so many bullets it's like I'm an AK. We're cool.
Call ends.
Dialogues 2
Soon, the loan sharks, Dardan Petrela and Bledar Morina, arrive.
Niko Bellic Roman, it looks like your money landing friends are here.
Dardan Petrela Come on, this piece of shit is gambling our money in here.
Niko Bellic calls Roman Bellic.
Niko Bellic Cousin - two guys are going into the store. I think they are the loan sharks you speak of.
Roman Bellic Shit, I'm down.
Niko Bellic You better get out of there.
Roman Bellic Alright, alright I'm coming.
Call ends.
Cutscene 3
Roman Bellic enters the car.
Roman Bellic Shit, Niko, it's them, they must have been told I was here.
Dardan Petrela Roman Bellic, we will find you soon.
Dialogues 3
Niko Bellic drives back to the car depot, with the loan sharks on their tail.
Roman Bellic Remember, do not hurt the loan sharks. The debt will just increase. Get us back to the depot, quick!
Niko Bellic Alright cousin, I'll lose them. Not so tough now.
Roman Bellic Just like the old days, eh?
Niko Bellic In the old days we were dodging bombs, not loan sharks.
Roman Bellic Just drive. Leave the funny comments to me.
Niko Bellic loses the loan sharks. (First Possible Dialogue)
Niko Bellic Of course they saw you. I mean... you're a distinctive man Roman.
Roman Bellic That is why the ladies love me. Fuck those shylocks, they'll get their money. They just have to wait.
Niko Bellic We should stand up to them. Where is your pride?
Roman Bellic Niko, you're new. You don't understand the way things work.
Niko Bellic Oh yeah?
Roman Bellic We're at the bottom of the ladder man. These thugs push us around. But they are not to be feared. It is the Russian mobsters, Vlad's bosses, that run everything. Be careful of them.
Niko Bellic You tell me to behave, Mr. Janitor? If you understand it all, where is the money?
Roman Bellic I lost it this time, but when I go back the last thing they will expect is for me to take everything. Then I really will clean up.
Niko Bellic I will believe when I see, Roman.
Niko Bellic loses the loan sharks. (Second Possible Dialogue)
Roman Bellic Shit, Niko, it's them, they must have been told I was here.
Dardan Petrela Roman Bellic, we will find you soon.
Roman Bellic Remember, do not hurt the loan sharks. The debt will just increase. Get us back to the depot, quick! Hey, they have stopped following us. Clearly they are too scared of what I could do to them. I do not understand it. I do everything I learn on TV. Everything that I read in the books. I do what Car Jabowitz tell me in 'May Contain Nuts'. I raise on flop, I ride river, it don't make no sense.
Niko Bellic It don't make no sense to me neither.
Roman Bellic Shit, you ain't going to make sense to no people if you keep speaking in that language. Here in Liberty City, we speak English. Get used to this.
Niko Bellic The money, the people, all of this noise around us - there is a lot of stuff I must get used to here in Liberty City. I think that speaking this language should be the least of my problems.
Roman Bellic Sure. I will remind you of that in a few weeks.
Cutscene 4
Niko Bellic and Roman Bellic arrive at the cab depot. Roman Bellic then enters.
Roman Bellic We're here. You like your phone? Maybe one day you get a premium quality one, like mine. Then you will have really made it.
Niko Bellic I can only wish.
Roman Bellic See you later, cousin.
Fail Cutscenes & Dialogues
Roman's car has been trashed.
Niko Bellic and Roman Bellic alight from a bus outside the cab office. Roman Bellic then enters.
Roman Bellic I see what I can do about getting money for a cab. You think anyone will let me take out insurance policy? We see.
The loan sharks are spooked.
Niko Bellic calls Roman Bellic
Niko Bellic Cousin, you don't need to worry about those guys. I think I just persuaded them to drop your debt.
Roman Bellic What have you done, cousin? This is not good. Others will come and take more money from us. I really must win now. Leave me here.
Call ends.
The loan sharks caught Roman Bellic.
Niko Bellic calls Roman Bellic.
Roman Bellic Cousin, shit. Why you no warn me that these guys are coming in the store? Now they take all my money from me.
Niko Bellic If they had not taken it, others players would have. It's all the same, Roman.
Roman Bellic Eh, fuck you Niko.
Call ends.

Video Walkthrough

GTA 4 - Mission 2 - It's Your Call (1080p)06:27

GTA 4 - Mission 2 - It's Your Call (1080p)



  • The back door of the hardware store is open before this mission, allowing the player to access it. The store consists of a darkened room with a few tables. After the mission, it will be inaccessible for the rest of the game.
  • A yellow taxi cab will always pass by the player shortly before the loan sharks arrive.
  • After warning Roman about the approaching loan sharks, the player will be unable to move the taxi until Roman re-enters it.
  • If the player arrives at the store in a different vehicle to Roman's taxi, the loan sharks will not appear.
  • If the player arrives at the hardware store with a wanted level, it will disappear once Roman heads inside.


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