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"That Lamar in the headset? Tell the lanky motherfucker he fucked up, big time."

It's a G Thing is the third mission added in the GTA Online: Lowriders update for Lamar Davis.


"Rescue Gerald from police custody before he's airlifted out of the state."
―Level Description

After the deal went wrong in from the previous mission, Lamar Davis will call the player to let them know Gerald has been arrested, apparently by some consequences from the botched operation, and he'll be transported in an aircraft out of Los Santos. Lamar then requests that the player bust him out and take him to a safe place near Del Perro Pier.


  • When escaping from the police, Gerald may sometimes speak with Lester's voice.
  • The players can also escape with either a Luxor Deluxe or a black Miljet that is likely meant to be the aircraft Gerald was to be transported in.


GTA Online Lowriders - Mission 3 - It's a G Thing Hard Difficulty05:43

GTA Online Lowriders - Mission 3 - It's a G Thing Hard Difficulty