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To me, Rockstar just don't know they would make another story before Tommy and other characters show themself in Vice City . So, maybe that is the reason why they say Victor Vance were killed in 1986, Vice City .

Someone would say " Hey , dude , maybe you should take a look in their website before talk this. " Yeah, I know . Like most fans want to " visit Carl ' CJ ' Jonson in San Andrans( or maybe in Liberty City ... See also in GTA IV ) . I would like also want to see Vic . By the way, Vic like CJ, is my 2nd favorite chrarater in all GTA games.

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First, I don't understand anything, your spelling is horrible.

Second, put a signature, dude.

Third, the storyline of the GTA III era was made way before GTA III was released.It's too connected, too complex to be made on the spot.

To give a small clarification, chronologically, the story goes as follows:

in 1984, Victor Vance  is in Vice City, and has just been expelled from the Army. He works with gun-runner Phill Cassidy and drug dealer Ricardo Diaz. Two years later, Tommy Vercetti, hitman for the Forelli Fammily from Liberty City, is released from prison and goes to Vice City. His deal with Victor is ambushed by Diaz' men. He meets Victor's brother, Lance, a British drunkard named kent Paul, a real estate mogul called Avery Corrington(and his apprentice, Donald Love)  and also the Mafia's lawyer in Vice City, Ken Rosenberg. He kills Diaz, then works for Phill Cassidy. Phill loses an arm during this time. Sonny Forelli comes to Vice City only to get killed by Tommy . In 1992, Carl Johnson works for Joey Leone in Liberty City.He returns to his hometown, Los Santos, after his mother gets killed. He meets Catalina, the cousin of a friend of his, and her boyfriend, Claude. He also meets Ken Rosenberg, who is freshly out of rehab after Tommy Vercetti sent him at Fort Carson. Carl also meets Kent Paul, Salvatore Leone, and briefly sees Maria Latore. Six years later, in 1998, in Liberty City, former mobster Toni Cipriani goes up the criminal ladder in Liberty working for Salvatore Leone , kills Avery Corrington and establishes himself as a Capo (high-ranking mobster).One year later ( GTA Advance) a guy called Mike is in Liberty City and works for the Yakuza leader's wife, Toshiko Kasen, and fights Jamaican clan leader King Courtney. Two years later, in 2001, Claude is in Liberty with his girlfriend Catalina, but is betrayed by her. He works for Joey Leone, Toni Cipriani, Maria Latore,  Salvatore Leone ( later killing him on orders from Yakuza leader Asuka Kasen), King Courtney ( later being betrayed by him) . Claude meets Donald Love and Phil Cassidy ( who lost an arm in Vice City) and finally kills Catalina.

You see? all is connected! Victor Vance, Phill Cassidy, Ricardo Diaz, Kent Paul, Ken Rosenberg, Joey Leone, Catalina, Claude, Maria Latore, Salvatore Leone,Toni Cipriani,  Avery Carrington, Donald Love, the Kasen fammily (Toshiko, Kazuki, Kenji, Asuka), King Courtney.......  It's too interconnected to be a coincidence.   

Steve Greg (talk) 21:22, March 16, 2013 (UTC)

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