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Item Placement
IPL Sections:

Item placement files, known by the extension .ipl, are map files used to place objects into the GTA world, as well as define zones, paths, garages, interior portals, and a lot more. Most IPL files can easily be opened and edited using any text-editing program like Notepad. In San Andreas there are also binary IPL files which are located in the IMG archives of the game. Those you can only open using a special editor.


The .ipl files are split up into many sections. Not all of them have to be used, leaving them empty works as well. Each section starts with a section identifier and ends with the keyword "end", both in a separate line.




Used to place objects in the world.

GTA III format

ID, ModelName, PosX, PosY, PosZ, ScaleX, ScaleY, ScaleZ, RotX, RotY, RotZ, RotW

Vice City format

ID, ModelName, Interior, PosX, PosY, PosZ, ScaleX, ScaleY, ScaleZ, RotX, RotY, RotZ, RotW

San Andreas format

ID, ModelName, Interior, PosX, PosY, PosZ, RotX, RotY, RotZ, RotW, LOD


Create a culling zone.

GTA III and Vice City format

CenterX, CenterY, CenterZ, LowerLeftX, LowerLeftY, LowerLeftZ, UpperRightX, UpperRightY, UpperRightZ, Flags, Unknown

San Andreas format 1

CenterX, CenterY, CenterZ, Unknown1, WidthY, BottomZ, WidthX, Unknown2, TopZ, Flag, Unknown3

San Andreas format 2

CenterX, CenterY, CenterZ, Unknown1, WidthY, BottomZ, WidthX, Unknown2, TopZ, Flag, Vx, Vy, Vz, Cm


Vice City only

Ped, Car and Boat Paths, defines paths relative to the world centre. Only used in GTA VC, this format is much easier than in GTA3 where the paths were stored in IDE files, and GTA-SA paths which are stored in **nodes.dat inside gta3.img. This is a quite complicated format and hardly usable without an editing program (such as Ked).

GTA SA uses compiled binary files for its paths.


Creates a garage.

San Andreas format

PosX, PosY, PosZ, LineX, LineY, CubeX, CubeY, CubeZ, DoorType, GarageType, Name


Creates an entrance to an exit

San Andreas format

X1, Y1, Z1, ROT, W1, W2, C8, X2, Y2, Z2, Rot2, Int, Flag, Name, Sky, I2, Time On, Time Off


Creates a weapon pickup.

San Andreas format

ID, PosX, PosY, PosZ


Creates a unique stunt jump.

San Andreas format

StartLowerX, StartLowerY, StartLowerZ, StartUpperX, StartUpperY, StartUpperZ, TargetLowerX, TargetLowerY, TargetLowerZ,
TargetUpperX, TargetUpperY, TargetUpperZ, CameraX, CameraY, CameraZ, Reward


Creates black sky if you enter the zone. Also exists for all towns in countryside. Probably custom weather?

San Andreas format

X1, Y1, Z1, X2, Y2, Z2, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?


This creates an audio if you enter the zone.

San Andreas format 1

Name, ID, Switch, X1, Y1, Z1, X2, Y2, Z2

San Andreas format 2

Name, ID, Switch, X, Y, Z, Radius


San Andreas and GTA4 only

In San Andreas, this was never used in the game. This section is currently unknown and may never be known; it is ignored by the game.


Creates a parked car generator

San Andreas format

PosX, PosY, PosZ, Angle, CarID, PrimCol, SecCol, ForceSpawn, Alarm, DoorLock, Unknown1, Unknown2


Creates zones for separated rendering.

Vice City and San Andreas format

mid x, mid y, bottom height z, width x, width y, height from bottom height to top, rotation


Although technically an IPL section, this is usually only used in zone files (extension .zon).


GTA4 only


GTA4 only


GTA4 only


GTA4 only


GTA4 only


GTA4 only


GTA4 only


GTA4 only

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