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Ivan Bytchkov (Russian: Иван Бычков) is character in Grand Theft Auto IV. He was a small time Russian criminal as a burglar, associated with the Faustin Family and was also a heavy drinker at Comrades Bar. Ivan is later seen as an important crime figure with the Russian Mob in cocaine operations.


Ivan Bytchkov was born in 1966 in Russia, although immigrated to the US in the early 1990s. After that, he lived in the Hove Beach area of Liberty City. He became connected to Russian gangsters like Vladimir Glebov and was involved in Russian Organised Crime such as professional burglary. Ivan was arrested two times; once in 2000 for embezzlement, and second in 2004 for burglary.

Events of GTA IV

Ivan first appeared during the opening cutscene of Bull in a China Shop, having just concluded a meeting with Vladimir Glebov and leaves just as Niko Bellic enters.

Later, Vlad orders Niko to execute him by Mikhail Faustin's command. Niko's hunt for Ivan leads him to a rooftop chase, during which Ivan warns Niko that Vlad is a nobody, and that killing him for him is pointless. Ivan takes a bad step and dangles off the edge of a destroyed fire escape. At this point, Ivan can be killed or helped back up.

If the player chooses to spare Ivan, Niko meets him later on the streets of Alderney as a random character. Ivan now lives there and is engaged with a new job as a "money lender." Niko helps Ivan collect a debt from several hustlers who choose not to repay him. They attempt to kill Ivan but Niko saves him. Ivan thanks him and is never to be seen again. During the mission Liquidize the Assets though, Jon Gravelli says that Ivan the Goddamn Terrible is dealing drugs with the Ancelottis.

Mission appearances

The Lost and Damned

Ivan Bytchkov's Random Encounter

LCPD Database information

Surname: Bytchkov

First Name: Ivan

Age: 42

Place of Birth: Russia

Affiliations: Known associate of Vladimir Glebov.

Criminal Record:

  • 2000 - Embezzlement
  • 2004 - Burglary: Illegal Entry with Criminal Intent


  • Immigrated to the US from Russia in early 90s.
  • Resident of Hove Beach.
  • Believed to be involved in Russian Organized Crime.
  • Suspected of white collar crimes.
  • Connections with known gangster Vladimir Glebov.



  • Somewhat strangely, even though Ivan is Vlad's associate, he is a year older than him (Vlad is 41, Ivan is 42).
  • Humorously, Ivan's name obviously contains the curse word "bitch".
  • Ivan drives a black and gold Ruiner, as seen in the chase scene in Ivan The Not So Terrible, where he crashes it and escapes through a construction site.
  • After beating the mission Ivan the Not So Terrible, Ivan will be reported as missing in the police datebase even after he is either killed or spared.
  • Like most characters in the game, Ivan will don a unique helmet when riding alongside the protagonist on a motorbike. His helmet is green with blue and white stars, with two stripes, blue and white.
  • Ivan appears in the credits of The Lost and Damned. He is being chased by Niko during the GTA IV mission Ivan The Not So Terrible. It cuts away just before Niko decides Ivan's fate.
  • During missions, when the player is in gun battles after Ivan The Not So Terrible, an enemy might yell, "Say Hello to Ivan the Terrible for me!"

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