Jamaican Heat
Cutscene 1
Niko Bellic enters the cab depot. Roman Bellic asks Niko Bellic to pick up Little Jacob and Niko Bellic leaves.
Roman Bellic Head into town. I don't give a fuck if the bridge is busy, you're a cab driver! Hey. Hello, Roman Bellic Enterprises... No. Mr. Bellic has stepped away from his office, can I take a message? Okay... great... no, I'm not gay. Yes, I'll... I'll tell him. Car Seven, head to South Slopes. Come on, where are you, Mohammad? Hello, Roman Bellic's offi... Shit. Fucking battery. This is chaos!
Niko Bellic Capitalism is a dirty business.
Roman Bellic Yeah... like war?
Niko Bellic Not exactly.
Roman Bellic No. Maybe not. When you going to tell me properly about what happened? I'm not going to judge you.
Niko Bellic Ahh... when you got time.
Roman Bellic There, I have time.
Niko Bellic Another time. Can I help?
Roman Bellic Okay. Yes... go pick up my friend, Little Jacob... he's a good man. Likes to smoke a bit. Look after him. He's on Oneida Avenue in South Slopes. Niko, man, we should talk some time - I'm a good listener.
Niko Bellic Whatever, man.
Roman Bellic Mohammed, where the fuck are... Oh! Miss Weinstock, no no, not you... what can I do for you today?

Dialogues 1
Niko Bellic picks up Little Jacob and drives to Schottler. (First Possible Dialogue)
Little Jacob Alright, breda, forward a Dillon Street in Schottler. Ya Niko? The one me man Roman's been talking about all this time? Cousin Niko, gonna help Roman take over de world and ting?
Niko Bellic I guess so.
Little Jacob Respect. Alright, alright. We going to this spot where I need ya to wait for I, seen? I gotta ask ya another favor too.
Niko Bellic Go for it.
Little Jacob Can you take dis piece? Ya hear any ting bad going down you come and help, sight?
Niko Bellic Are you worried about this? I know how to use a gun if you want me to keep watch of things.
Little Jacob Realness brother, you and me man Roman's cousin. Thanks, respect. This ras clot has a rukus with me bredren Real Badman de other day. I want to make peace, but Jah know what type of shit they might pull off.
Niko Bellic picks up Little Jacob and drives to Schottler. (Second Possible Dialogue)
Little Jacob Alright, breda, forward a Dillon Street in Schottler. Alright, alright. Ya me man Roman's cousin, ain't ya? Two of ya going to rule this city and ting, ain't it?
Niko Bellic I don't know about that. It seems that Roman has enough problem running his own life, let alone the whole city.
Little Jacob This is fe me breda. Seen, Niko, seen. Can ya do me a favor? You see, Real Badman, me boss man, he get in a fight with these boys and I gots to go down te make peace. They got too fierce and I ain't sure this is gonna be an easy ting. Can you keep an eye on the meet with I's piece?
Niko Bellic This is something I am more equipped to do than drive people around for Roman.
Little Jacob Righteous. I gonna feel safer with some backup inna de ground.
Niko Bellic arrives at Schottler. Niko Bellic then goes to the lookout spot.
Little Jacob Alright. There be the spot up there. Watch out for any badness.
Niko Bellic Sure.

Cutscene 2
Three gang members arrive, and start shooting at Niko Bellic and Little Jacob.
Little Jacob What dis? I thought there was only going to be one of yous coming?
Gang Member Jacob, Jacob, Jacob... we have te teach Badman his lesson and ting.

Dialogues 2
Niko Bellic tries to kill the gang members.
Little Jacob Shit, Niko. Get these bloodclots.
Gang Member Rhaatid, someone be inna de ground.

Cutscene 3
Niko Bellic kills the three gang members. The last gang member appears, and Niko Bellic tries to kill the gang member.
[These dialogues will play in random]
Little Jacob There be another one, Niko. Check him.
Little Jacob Watch yourself, coo pon de other one inna the ground.

Dialogues 3
Niko Bellic kills the last gang member.
Little Jacob Sorry for maga dog, maga dog turn round bite you. Come here back a' homebrew café.
Niko Bellic drives to the cafe. (First Possible Dialogue)
Little Jacob You a real creation stepper, Niko, righteous wit dat piece.
Little Jacob I tink we could do some work together and tings. Inna the future, you know?
Niko Bellic I am always looking for work, if it pays.
Little Jacob Here's me number. Mek we link up soon.
Niko Bellic drives to the cafe. (Second Possible Dialogue)
Little Jacob Badman get I an' I in all type of shit you know, Niko.
Niko Bellic I have the feeling it will be same story with Roman. He has been the same way since we were very young.
Little Jacob Ya the type of man who can get out of a rukus, seen?
Niko Bellic You look like you can look after yourself as well, man.
Little Jacob I might have some work you now Niko. Here's me number.

Cutscene 4
Niko Bellic arrives at the cafe. Little Jacob then enters.
Little Jacob Thanks for everything, ya can keep the piece. I tink ya know fe use it better than I an' I do. One love. Irie, rasta. I an' I need fe talk. Mek we dweet.

Post-Mission Phonecall
Niko Bellic calls Roman Bellic.
Niko Bellic Roman, I took Jacob where he wanted to go. Driving for you ain't as boring as I thought it would be.
Roman Bellic Jacob is a good man, watching glue dry with Jacob would not be boring. Thank you, cousin.
Roman Bellic calls Niko Bellic.
Roman Bellic Niko, now that you've settled into life in Liberty City, I was wondering if you could start to help your cousin with the family business.
Niko Bellic I thought all I'd been doing since I got here was helping you out.
Roman Bellic You have, you have, but I mean officially. I need more drivers for the cab company. I'll pay you properly.
Niko Bellic Okay then.
Roman Bellic Just call me whenever you want to take a fare. You can do as many as you like, Niko. There are always more customers.

Fail Cutscenes & Dialogues
Little Jacob is dead.
Niko Bellic calls Roman Bellic.
Niko Bellic Bad shit happen, cousin. Jacob ain't around no more.
Roman Bellic Jacob. Oh, oh... I don't want know what happened. Fuck, now I have to call his friend Real Badman. This ain't going to go well, cousin.