Jaspers: "I saw your face, I'll remember you."
Michael: "You forget a thousand things every day. How 'bout you make sure this is one of 'em?"
―The security guard threatening the then-Michael Townley seconds before his death.

Jaspers is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as a very minor character in Grand Theft Auto V. His first and only appearance is in the mission Prologue as he is killed a few seconds after his introduction.



Prior to 2004, he worked for the Bobcat Security bank in LudendorffNorth Yankton for an unknown period of time.

Events of GTA V

During a heist at the Bobcat Security bank, he was one of the first responders against Trevor Philips, the then-Michael TownleyBrad Snider, and the Getaway Driver. While the crew was taking money he sneaks up on Michael, holding him at gunpoint, and threatened to kill him if he didn't surrender. After being advised by Michael to forget what he saw and leave (using an in-game movie quote that years later would be a key element in the main story), Trevor shoots him in the head, killing him instantly.

Mission Appearances



  • Chronologically, Jaspers is the first character to be killed on-screen in the HD Universe.
  • It's absolutely mandatory for the player to kill him, as trying to shoot him somewhere else, even in the hand to drop his pistol, in an attempt to disable him without killing will cause them to fail the mission, stating that M was killed.
  • If the player waits for a while after the guard holds Michael hostage, Michael will attempt to try and reason with the guard who simply asks for Trevor to lower his weapon, to which Trevor replies "Ain't gonna happen, pal".
  • The name "Jaspers" is a Persian name, meaning a keeper or protector of treasure. This is possibly an easter egg placed in the game by Rockstar, because Jaspers is protecting the money inside the vault, therefore making him a "protector of treasure".