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For other uses, see Jeff (disambiguation).

Jeff Chartier is a minor character featured in Grand Theft Auto V.


Jeff is an Australian friend of Dom Beasley who works as a helicopter pilot and frequently gives Dom rides so that he can perform parachute jumps, which Jeff then films and sells on extreme sports websites.

During the game, Jeff accompanies Dom and Franklin Clinton on two of Dom's missions, first by acting as their pilot for a jump out of a Maverickhelicopter and onto Mount Chiliad and later by driving a truck for them to land on after they leap off the Maze Bank Tower. When Franklin has to complete several parachute jumps across San Andreas per Dom's request, Jeff acts as Franklin's pilot during many of these jumps. After Dom accidentally kills himself during the mission Uncalculated Risk, Franklin can find Jeff at any of the stunt jumps where he acts as a pilot, upon which Jeff will acknowledge Dom's death and will admit to be very saddened by his friend's demise.

Mission Appearances



  • He wears an LSPD Command Pilot uniform.
  • His Lifeinvader page (which can be accessed through Dom's page) lists his last name as "Chartier".
    • Strangely, his Lifeinvader profile picture depicts him as an african-american man.
  • After Dom's death, Jeff will make a post on Lifeinvader, mourning his friend's demise.

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