The Jefferson Street Credit Union building is a skyscraper in Liberty City. It appears in Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Advance, and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Built from 1998-2001, and with a height of 51 floors, 1,433 ft (437 m), it is the tallest building in Liberty City, and also the tallest in the entire 3D Universe. It is the property of Jefferson Street Credit Union.


The Jefferson Street Credit Union Building is located in Staunton Island in Torrington. Beside the building on the same block is the Morningstar Building and its plaza. The building was partially constructed before 1998, and between 1998 and 2001 it was extended to become the tallest building in Liberty City, surpassing the Empire State Building equivalent. The building is connected with a large commercial building, a property of FBC Bank. A package is also hidden (behind the figure of space) in Grand Theft Auto III. In 1998, before this skyscraper was completed the unnamed Empire State Building was the highest building before 2001.

Jefferson Street Credit Union

Jefferson Street Credit Union is probably a credit card company or society as the name implies, but also as a bank. The company or society is not well known, but is characterized by having to accommodate the tallest building in the city.


It has been noted many times that the building has similarities to the original World Trade Center Twin Towers, being the tallest building in Liberty City, surpassing that of the Empire State Building equivalent, similarly to the real NYC. However, there is only one tower, and the building is even taller with a 437.6 meter roof, comparing to the North WTC Tower's 417 meter roof.


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