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Jeremy Robard can be heard on the radio of both Vice City and Vice City Stories. In 1984, during the events of Vice City Stories, he runs an "Import/Export" business where clients lease a boat and ferry "special" cargo to and from an island base not too far from Vice City. it is implied his "Import/Export" business actually consists of drug-running via boats. By 1986, he has a line of seedy self-help tapes to promote. This program, called Think Your Way to Success, is a supposed three-step program with names that, in acronym, are all related to drugs (I.E. Learn - Start - Doing = LSD, or Motivate - Demonstrate - then Motivate Again = MDMA or Ecstasy).

He appeared in the show Pressing Issues on VCPR, during the segment Positive Thinking. He blatantly kept pulling plugs of his Think Your Way to Success program that end up putting the host Maurice Chavez on the edge. In the incoming altercation with Chavez, it emerges that Jeremy's success has been totally exaggerated and he is really nothing more than a pompous fraud who lives in a very small apartment overlooking the gas works.

After more insults are traded Robard has his nose broken with a paperweight and has not heard from again. When he is talking to Maurice at one point he says "When I go outside, I can choose which car to drive...". However, during an earlier part of the show (when he is complimenting Maurice) he says to him "Every cab I go in the guys love you!" indicating that he possibly takes a cab as he cannot afford a car.

He is voiced by Peter Silvestro in both appearances.


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