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"A Japanese hybrid-electric sportscar with a front-end designed to look like an angry grin might be too whimsical for some, but with a 4-liter V6 engine, 420 hp and a top speed of 180mph, the Dinka Jester still packs a serious punchline."
Legendary Motorsport webpage.

The Jester is a two-door coupé in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and a sports car manufactured by Dinka in Grand Theft Auto V. It was also supposed to reappear in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, but was removed before the game's release.


3D Universe 

Designed as a two-door sports coupe, the Jester strongly resembles the 1993-2002 Mark IV Toyota Supra. Instantly one can notice the Jester, in comparison with the Supra is disproportionate in design; being quite long and wide in relation to its height. The nose appears less rounded and very long. The bonnet/ hood is long and features no ridges. The front bumper features three ducts, two taller, narrow ones which have outer edges in line with the headlights. The main central duct is split vertically down the middle, contrary to the horizontal split on the Supra (but similar to the design of an aftermarket bumper produced by TRD).

The side profile of the car reinforces the irregularities in the car's design relative to the Supra. The side profile lacks almost all of the curvature prevalent on the Supra. Unlike the Supra the wing mirrors are mounted in front of the A pillars. The car does feature a small air duct in front of the rear wheels arches. The greenhouse area of the car lacks curvature, setting the design of the Jester apart from it real life counterpart. Unlike SZ-R and RZ Supra models, the Jester has its fuel tank access cap placed on the left-hand side of the car. By default the car comes with six-spoke wheels, contrary to the Supra with five spoke wheels.

The rear features yet more significant differences to the Supra. It does feature a similar hatch design but the door extends to a point lower than the rear lights, unlike the Supra, whose hatch has its bottom edge placed at the middle of the rear lights' height. One major difference with the hatch is lack of the large curved rear wing which is found on many Supra SZ-R and RZ models in stock form. The rear lights of the jester only feature the three circular lamps and the inner edges of the housing are straight, whereas the Supra has four lamps and housing that is curved at the inner and outer edges. The rear bumper of the Jester spans the rear face of the car and extends to the rear wheel arch, unlike the Supra which has a rear bumper spanning only the rear face and a small distance of the car's side. At the base of the rear the Jester features two exhaust tips, contrary to the Supra's single exhaust tip.

HD Universe

The Jester now resembles the 2015 Acura NSX, with curvy features and distinct Japanese styling. The headlights and the hood are derived from the BMW i8. The rear fascia is inspired by the McLaren MP4-12C. The taillights also resemble that of the second generation Buffalo, due to the Buffalo's taillights being based on the Acura NSX itself. The front fascia looks similar to the Honda Civic LX.

The Jester is made up of an aggressive front face made by the irregular shape of the headlights, causing it to resemble an angry grin. There is a noticeable Japanese style on the Jester, which included many sharp curves throughout the car, specifically the front and sides. The rear is more sloped and rounded, giving it a stark contrast between the front.


3D Universe

The car is equipped with an inline engine sporting a performance intake manifold. Unlike the Supra, the Jester is front-wheel-drive, yet retains its sporty qualities. In acceleration, speed, handling, and braking, the Jester is inferior to most other sports cars and tuners in the game, superior only to the Euros. However, the vehicle still possesses good grip and braking, ideal for sharp cornering using the brake or handbrake. Like most tuners in the game, the body construction is poor, making the car susceptible to intense damage from high-speed impacts and heavy gunfire.

HD Universe

The Jester has good top speed and acceleration, making it comparable to other sports cars in its class. The acceleration is average, however the handling makes up for this. Based on a Japanese sports car, the steering and agility of the vehicle are extremely sensitive and responsive. Their agility contributes to extremely skillful and quick moves if used right, but at low speeds could cause a crash with excessive traction, acceleration, and small turning radius. Due to the fact that there is an electric motor, there is no loss of power during gear shifts; this is very useful when racing and simply wanting a smooth ride. But the Jester tends to start drifting when driven on dirt roads, most likely due to it's large power output. Crash deformation is excellent, and it can take multiple front end collisions without deforming the front wheels.



Possible combinations of modifications that can be given to Jester's at Wheel Arch Angels in GTA San Andreas.

The Jester can only be modified at Wheel Arch Angels in Ocean Flats, San Fierro. However, some people prefer the car un-modded, due to its Urban style that it offers.

Type Upgrade Cost
Paint Jobs Paintjob 1 $ 500
Paintjob 2 $ 500
Paintjob 3 $ 500
Colors Car Color 1 (64 different colors) $ 150
Exhausts Alien Exhaust $ 850
X-Flow Exhaust $ 750
Front Bumper Alien Front Bumper $ 1050
X-Flow Front Bumper $ 950
Rear Bumper Alien Rear Bumper $ 1050
X-Flow Rear Bumper $ 950
Roof Alien Roof Vent $ 250
X-Flow Roof Vent $ 200
Spoilers Alien Spoiler $ 650
X-Flow Spoiler $ 550
Side Skirts Alien Side Skirts $ 550
X-Flow Side Skirts $ 450
Wheels Cutter $ 1030
Rimshine $ 980
Mega $ 1030
Grove $ 1230
Switch $ 900
Shadow $ 1100
Classic $ 1620
Dollar $ 1560
Import $ 820
Atomic $ 770
Car Stereo Bass Boost $ 100
Hydraulics Hydraulics $ 1500
Nitro 2x Nitrous $ 200
5x Nitrous $ 500
10x Nitrous $ 1000


GTA San Andreas

Jester location

The location of the Jester behind Wheel Arch Angels.

GTA V + Online



  1. Beta Jester


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