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The Jetpack is a special vehicle in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


It allows for directional control with two omnidirectional nozzle-like jets providing thrust. And like any other vehicle it has unlimited fuel. The Jetpack is unique - it acts like a weapon pickup when not in use, is activated instantly when the player walks into it, and is dropped when the vehicle exit button is pressed. It has a much lower altitude limit than other aircraft, so is not ideal for scaling taller buildings.

The Jetpack is indestructible as it is does not really count as a vehicle, and it also makes the player invulnerable to falling, crashing into walls or moving vehicles, landing on top of a moving helicopter and other dangers. It can also be fully submerged without damage by diving into water at high speeds (though it will automatically return CJ to the water surface).

The Jetpack is a prototype created in the US military's underground lab in Area 69. Carl Johnson is dumped in front of Area 69 and is told to steal the 'Black Project' by The Truth in the mission of the same name. According to dialogue, the vehicle is the result of a $60,000,000 project. Due to the secrecy of the project, The Truth is the only civilian other than Carl to know of its existence. After this mission, the Jetpack will respawn at Verdant Meadows. CJ later uses it to attack a military train in the mission Green Goo. The Jetpack permanently spawns in Verdant Meadows after completing the mission.


Only the 'one-handed' weapons can be used while the Jetpack is in use. The Pistol, TEC 9Micro-SMG and Sawn-off Shotgun can only be used. Oddly all of these weapons can be dual wielded while using the Jetpack, but Carl always uses one hand to control the Jetpack.


  • Beside the house where the player can save the game in Verdant Meadows airport graveyard after completing Green Goo.
  • At the lowermost section of Area 69 after completing Black Project, in the launch bay where it was found during Black Project, although exploits are needed to access it. The only way to get out is to use a Blue Hell glitch.
  • Available with the use of a cheat code.


  • If the player doesn't have a pistol, nor any one-handed sub-machine guns, but enters the Jetpack with a sawed-off shotgun, a glitch will happen: CJ will fly in the Jetpack with the 9mm but with no ammo. It is possible to aim and even fire the gun, though there are no bullets coming out of it.
  • If the player simultaneously walks into the Jetpack and presses the button to hover, the Jetpack will not make any sound.
  • When using other player models besides CJ to ride the Jetpack (such as in PS2 Multiplayer), the other player's model will appear slightly deformed and incongruous. For example, their arms may appear bent slightly through the middle, etc. This is likely because the other player models must use a CJ-specific animation set when entering the Jetpack.
  • There is a glitch to unlock access to all buildings like the clothing stores, the gyms and Ammu-Nation, as well as safehouse purchases from the start of the game involving the Jetpack, except the cities outside of Los Santos and Red County. During the third cutscene from the beginning of the game (Carl in the police car with Tenpenny and the other officers), enter the Jetpack cheat. At the end of the cutscene, Carl will not be shown being thrown out of the car. Once the car is out of sight, CJ will be wasted. Once he spawns at the nearest hospital, the player will be able to purchase safehouses and enter buildings such as the clothing stores, gyms and Ammu-Nation but the logo of the stores do not appear on the map. Another interesting effect is that all interiors which are only accessible during missions or the Hidden Interiors Universe will become permanently accessible (not on PC), such as Jizzy's Pleasure Domes, Millie Perkins' House (not confirmed on PC) and the Crack Den.



  • If the player is shot dead while flying the Jetpack, they will remain alive while airborne. However the Jetpack will slowly gravitate towards the ground, then when it hits the surface, CJ will automatically dismount the Jetpack and become wasted. Likewise, if the player enters the health cheat before they hit the ground, CJ's health will be restored, but as soon as the player dismounts from the Jetpack, CJ will fall down and die instantly.  
  • If the player spawns a Jetpack while in a vehicle, CJ will be in a standing position inside the vehicle.
  • If the player is hit by a car while using a Jetpack, they will lose health but will remain standing as if nothing had happened. However, once the player dismounts from the Jetpack, CJ will fall down due to the impact. Similarly if the player is shot and after dismounting their Jetpack, he will receive the damage.
  • The game AI considers the player to be an aircraft while flying the Jetpack, thus SAM sites will fire at the player if they fly over Area 69 and Easter Basin Naval Station.
  • The lesser CJ's fat is, the easier it is to control the Jetpack. Being obese only decreases the hover speed of the Jetpack.
  • In the Official Strategy Guide by BradyGames, it is classed as a Recreational Vehicle and the name is called "Personal Transport System", with the description "Rumored to be in development. Look for it after "Green Goo" at Verdant Meadows."
  • A HUD icon for the Jetpack exists, but it is not used as the HUD icon is always that of the player's current weapon.
  • In GTA V, atop Mount Chiliad in an aerial-tramway station, a drawing of a person on a jetpack can be found. No Jetpack can be found in GTA V however.
  • In the Mobile version of GTA: San Andreas, the 'exit vehicle' button is present even if the Jetpack and its user is airborne, allowing the player to dismount the Jetpack while in flight.
    • Additionally, holding down the screen in order to look behind the player will only result in the nozzles spinning erratically and stopping the player from accelerating.