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"Can I tell yous - do you know how they play ping-pong in Thailand? Let me tell you's, it does not involve a paddle, if you know what I mean! "
―Jezz Torrent

Jezz Torrent is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Jezz is the lead singer for the Scottish hair metal band Love Fist. Jezz Torrent's name is yet another sex joke from Rockstar Games; Jezz is pronounced "jizz" if spoken in a Scottish accent and "jizz" is slang for semen. Thus, "Jezz Torrent" means "torrent of semen".


3D Universe

In 1986, Torrent is first seen at one of Juan Cortez's parties, alongside two women.

Torrent, alongside Kent Paul, Dick, Percy and Willy, later hired Tommy Vercetti to do some work for them, including the task of bringing Mercedes Cortez to them and buying some drugs for themselves, called "Love Juice".

Later, a psycho fan of Love Fist tries to kill the band for unknown reason, however in both missions, the band was saved by Tommy Vercetti.

According to his bandmate Percy, Torrent practices bestiality and has previously had sex with sheep, though the truth behind this is unknown, as it may simply be an example of the band members taunting each other.

Torrent is a member of the Epsilon Program, and writes a testimonial on their website about how the cult helped him overcome a drug addiction.

HD Universe

It is said on the TV show Fame or Shame that Jezz left Love Fist and launched a solo career (in HD Universe canon) and produced a 1991 record named "This is a Power Ballad" which was number one in Germany for nineteen weeks. The song itself is sung on the show by contestant William Angio. Torrent is one of the honoured celebrities on the Vinewood Walk of Fame.


  • Jezz Torrent bears some resemblance to Paul Stanley, the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for KISS.


Mission Appearances

GTA Vice City


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