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[[Category:Characters in GTA III|Ramirez, Jim]]
[[Category:Characters in GTA III|Ramirez, Jim]]
[[Category:Police Officers|Ramirez,Jim]]
[[Category:Police Officers|Ramirez,Jim]]

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Jim Ramirez is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series and is mentioned on the Liberty Tree website. Jim Ramirez is not seen or mentioned in any Grand Theft Auto game.

Jim Ramirez is the Police Chief of the Liberty City Police Department. The Liberty Tree website speculates that the police are encouraging a brave few residents of Liberty City to take a stand against the "forces of darkness", a reference to the Vigilante side mission. This could, and if true probably would, have come from Jim Ramirez. Rumours also persist that the Liberty City Police Department are corrupt (as seen with Leon McAffrey and Ray Machowski), but it is unknown whether Jim Ramirez is corrupt.

Jim Ramirez, commenting in February 2001 on the increase of car jacking in a Liberty article, said "People shouldn't threaten crazed psychopaths with violence. 99% of people are killed by their own weapon. Especially in suicide cases".

Not to be confused with Jimmy Hernandez, a LSPD officer.


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